On-Site Storage vs. Off Site Storage: Pros & Cons

On-Site Storage vs. Off Site Storage: Pros & Cons

There are a variety of reasons as to why a business might require storage space. Perhaps there’s an office renovation or addition underway and equipment and supplies need to be stored somewhere they don’t risk being damaged. Or it could be the case of a construction contractor just not wanting to truck his tools to and from the work site every day. No matter the reason, there are storage solutions to choose from – and most people have to weigh between renting a portable unit or a self-storage one at an area facility. To help you choose which one is best for your situation, we’ve taken a look at some of the pros and cons of each.


One big benefit of portable storage units is that the container is delivered to your site. There’s no transporting items or equipment to and from a storage facility, so there’s no time wasted commuting whenever an item is required. With a portable unit, when you need something you just have to walk to the container and get it.


While you’re likely to save money by storing items at a storage facility, one thing that you have to account for when making a storage decision is the cost of downtime. For instance, it’s highly likely that you’ll spend time commuting back and forth to the storage facility to retrieve items – and this is time that could otherwise be spent working. That said, make sure you’re considering the total cost when it comes to a storage solution, and certainly convenience, downtime and efficiency plays into this. For instance, a contractor who spends several hours a day driving back and forth for tools is likely to fall behind schedule and behind budget when it comes to finishing the overall job. Is the cost savings really worth it?


There’s a misconception that on-site storage options are not as safe. While it’s true that they might not include video security and private access that storage facilities offer, mobile storage solutions are still very safe and secure options. At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, our on-site solutions all feature locking double doors to keep items safe. What’s more is our units are constructed from solid steel – not materials that can be easily manipulated.


Lighting is often included in a rental unit at a storage facility. And while this is one advantage that storage facilities have over mobile units, the separation gap isn’t as significant as you might think. That’s because mobile storage solutions these days are painted white on the inside, making for an overall brighter appearance when people go looking for equipment and supplies. Thanks to this, there’s less of a dependency on natural daylight and less of a need to grab a flashlight every time you need something.

At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we take pride in our Chicago on-site storage offerings. Contact us today to learn more about how mobile storage containers could be an ideal fit for your business needs.

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