The Many Benefits of Porta Potties


The Many Benefits of Porta Potties

When considering restroom facilities for a site or an event, there are two primary options. One of these options is established, indoor restrooms. The other option is renting a porta potty.

While both options have their benefits, porta potties are often times the better choice. Wondering why this is the case? Read on. The following are just some of the many benefits of porta potty rentals in Aurora, Illinois.

They Accommodate Large Crowds

If you’re expecting a large crowd at your event, renting a series of porta potties can be very beneficial. After all, the amount of porta potties you can rent is essentially infinite (within reason).

Are you expecting to have 1,000 people at your event? You could rent 10 porta potties to accommodate them. Expecting to have 10,000? You could rent as many as 100 porta potties.

Permanently established restrooms don’t offer this benefit. They contain a set number of stalls, and that cannot be easily increased.

They Are Easily Moved   

Another benefit of porta potties is that they can be placed just about anywhere. You can easily move them to wherever they’re needed, allowing for strategic distribution throughout the premises.

Established restrooms do not allow for this flexibility. They exist where they exist, and they cannot be moved. Because of this, they can only accommodate specific areas. Guests at your event might have to walk thousands of feet just to use them. Essentially, they are not always convenient.

They’re Easy to Care For

Looking to keep restroom maintenance to a minimum? If so, renting porta potties is a terrific choice. When you rent porta potties, you leave maintenance in the hands of the rental company.

In contrast, maintaining a permanent restroom is your responsibility. You or someone you hire will have to clean toilets, restock toilet paper and ensure that everything remains clean.

If you’re hoping to avoid restroom maintenance throughout the course of your event, renting porta potties is a great option. Doing so will allow you to focus on more pertinent matters.

They’re Affordable

Renting porta potties is very affordable. They are delivered clean and ready to use. If you are renting them for a prolonged period of time, the rental company will come and clean and restock them each week. For the price of the rental unit, renters are provided outstanding service with little or no responsibility.  Most people are surprised when they discover how affordable porta potty rentals are.

They Keep People Out of Your House

Maybe you’re having a wedding at your house? Perhaps you’re having a cookout in your backyard? If the crowd is going to be large enough, you may need to plan on having supplemental restroom facilities. In addition to providing additional facilities, it is also a way to limit the wear and tear on your home. If the porta potties are easily and readily accessible outside, that is where your guests will stay. When your house is in pristine condition the day after your event, you will be glad you rented porta potties.

In Need of Porta Potties in Aurora, Illinois?

Are you interested in renting porta potties? Are you in need of porta potties in Aurora, Illinois? If so, we here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems are the people to see.

We rent out a wide variety of porta potties, including standard, ADA compliant, deluxe and executive units. Regardless of the porta potties you choose to rent from us, we can deliver them to you in a timely and professional manner.

Contact us now to discuss your porta potty needs! We offer free consultations and free estimates.

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