Should You Rent Porta Potties for Your Construction Site?


Should You Rent Porta Potties for Your Construction Site?

At construction sites, restrooms are a necessity. Workers often spend long days at the sites, and need bathroom facilities during those stays.

For most construction sites, porta potties are the best restroom option. Wondering if you should rent porta potties for your Arlington Heights construction site? This blog post should help you make a decision.

Reasons to Rent Porta Potties for Your Arlington Heights Construction Site:

Porta potties are beneficial to construction sites in a number of ways. By utilizing porta potties on your construction site, you can:

Optimize Productivity

Do you want to get as much done in a work day as possible? If so, porta potties will help with this. Having porta potties on the premises makes restroom breaks as quick as possible, both for you and your workers.

With porta potties available for use, instead of having to walk thousands of feet to the nearest restroom, you can walk a much shorter distance. This can save minutes of time per person, adding up to hours of time throughout a single work day.

Make Life Easy for Your Workers

Construction work is physically taxing. There’s no reason to add on to this physically demanding work by forcing your workers to walk thousands of feet to the nearest restroom. Instead, you can utilize porta potties and ensure that your workers are always in close proximity to a restroom facility.

Having porta potties on the premises will help your workers to conserve energy throughout the day, allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Keep Workers Off of Your Client’s Existing Property

When you’re building onto an existing property, there might be a temptation to use your client’s existing indoor restrooms. However, in most cases, clients would rather not have people shuffling in and out of their buildings.

By having porta potties on your worksite, you can keep your workers from having to go inside of your client’s building.

Demonstrate the Professionalism of Your Company

Your clients, employees and everyone else that observes your worksite will notice the commitment you make to running an efficient, effective and professional worksite. Having construction site porta potties available for your workers demonstrates how much you care about doing things right. This step demonstrates respect for your employees and clients alike.

Help Meet OSHA Standards

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires construction sites to have restrooms on their premises in order to accommodate the needs of their workers. These restrooms must be clean, sanitary and meet a variety of guidelines. For most construction sites, the easiest way to meet these OSHA guidelines is by utilizing porta potties.

If you have 20 or fewer workers on your site, you will need at least one porta potty with a single toilet. If you have 40 or fewer workers on your site, you will need at least one porta potty containing both a toilet and a urinal.

Looking to Rent Porta Potties in Arlington Heights, Illinois?

Would renting porta potties be the right decision for your construction site? If so, and if you’re looking to rent porta potties in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Lakeshore Recycling Systems has you covered. We have been renting porta potties to the businesses and residents of Arlington Heights for a long time. Known for our great prices and service, we are the most trusted name in the industry.

We rent porta potties of all kinds, including standard units, ADA compliant units, luxury/executive trailers and more. After your rental has been arranged, our team will deliver your porta potty units directly to your work site.

Contact us today to discuss the details!

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