Things to Look for in a Schaumburg Portable Restroom Rental Company


Things to Look for in a Schaumburg Portable Restroom Rental Company

Do you manage a construction site? Are you looking to put on a large festival? If so, you might have a need for portable restroom rental in Schaumburg, Illinois.

However, before you go out and do business with the first rental company you see, you might want to consider a few things. The fact of the matter is that not all rental companies are of the same quality. To ensure that you choose an appropriate one, you should look for the following characteristics.

Offer a Varied Selection

You may think of all portable restrooms as being identical, but the fact of the matter is that they’re not. These days, there is a wide variety of portable restrooms available, all of which offer something a little different in terms of functionality.

Portable restrooms come in different sizes, possess different amenities, and are equipped to handle different situations. There are standard porta-potties, handicap-accessible porta-potties, luxury porta-potties, and more.

When choosing a portable restroom rental company, it’s a good idea to inquire as to its selection. This will enable you to get your hands on the exact type of portable restroom that you desire.

Located in Close Proximity to You

Ideally, when choosing a portable restroom rental company, you’ll choose one which is in close proximity to your event. Choosing a rental company which is in close proximity to your event will not only make it easier for the company to provide consistent service, it will save you money on transport costs.

In most cases, companies won’t even deliver outside of an established geographical radius. If a company does agree to rent outside of its established radius, beware—it will likely charge you additional costs.

It’s also nice to have your rental company close by so that it can show up quickly for emergency purposes. A company that is located far away from your event will not be able to tend to your problems as quickly.

Offer Regular Inspection and Maintenance

It’s fairly rare that you would find a portable restroom rental company which doesn’t offer regular inspection and maintenance of its rental units. In fact, in most cases, this is not even something which you will have to worry about.

However, there are likely companies out there which do not provide such services. We advise that you avoid hiring these companies. Portable restrooms can get pretty messy, pretty fast. You don’t want to have to be the one who cleans them.

Any reputable rental company will show up to your event as needed to clean and empty any rentals which it provided to you.

Available 24/7

As noted above, any legitimate portable restroom rental company will show up to your event when necessary to sanitize and empty its rentals. You never know when you might need assistance, which is why it’s a good idea to find a company that is available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Not all porta-potty rental companies will provide 24/7 service, but there are some that do. Looking for one in Schaumburg? We here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems have you covered!

Looking for a Reputable Schaumburg Portable Restroom Rental Company?

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely because you are looking for a reputable Schaumburg portable restroom rental company. If so, look no further! Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the company you seek.

We rent out portable restrooms of all different sizes and types, all of which will be serviced and maintained by our friendly and experienced team.

Contact us today to request a quote!

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