4 Types of Portable Restrooms For Your Event or Worksite

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4 Types of Portable Restrooms For Your Event or Worksite

Are you in the process of planning an outdoor event? Do you manage an outdoor worksite? If so, you likely have a need for portable restrooms.

What you might not know is that there are actually a wide variety of portable restrooms available. Each and every type of portable restroom offers something just a little different in the ways of comfort and functionality. 

Here are 4 types of portable restrooms for your event or worksite.


The most basic type of portable restroom available is the standard model. This type of portable restroom has everything needed to get the job done, including hand sanitizer, a mirror, and a coat hook.

Equipped with a toilet paper holder which can accommodate three rolls at a time, it’s easy to keep stocked at all times. In addition to this, it also sports a soap dispenser, allowing those with water to wash their hands.

Vented in several different areas, it reduces odors inside the portable restroom. For lighting purposes, it’s equipped with a white roof. It measures in at 89 inches tall, 44 inches wide, and 48 inches deep.  

ADA Compliant

If you’re putting on a festival or other public event, you would be well-served by an ADA compliant restroom. These portable restrooms measure in at 95 inches tall, 65 inches wide, and 92 inches deep.

Like the standard, this unit has a coat hook, a hand sanitizer, and a mirror. Unlike the standard, its toilet paper holder carries only 2 rolls at a time instead of 3.

It possesses a white roof, allowing for plenty of sunlight to make its way in. Users should not have much trouble seeing in it during the day.

With plenty of ventilation, it minimizes bad odors, and continues to operate efficiently throughout an entire day of use.


Deluxe restrooms are fairly similar to standard portable restrooms, but are about 50% larger in terms of area.

They include three-roll toilet paper holders, and are equipped with a coat hook, a mirror, and a hand sanitizer dispenser. In addition to this, they also possess soap dispensers so that users can thoroughly wash their hands.

Equipped with plenty of vents, you won’t have to worry about foul odors sticking around throughout the day.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the deluxe is the right option.


The last portable restroom option is the executive option. In terms of size, these restrooms are about the same size as the deluxe restrooms. What separates the executive from the deluxe are its electricity capabilities.  

Executive portable restrooms possess both heat and air conditioning, providing supreme comfort regardless of the outdoor temperature. In addition to these, the executive also provides lights and a fan.

This is the only one of our portable restroom options which offers a sink, made entirely of stainless steel.

In essence, this portable restroom is the creme de la creme. There is no better portable restroom option available.

Need Portable Restrooms For Your Event or Worksite?

Are you in need of portable restrooms at your event or worksite? Do you live in the Chicago area? If so, Lakeshore Recycling Systems can help you.

We rent out all of the portable restroom types described above, ensuring that you have exactly what you need to accommodate your specific purposes. Our team of friendly service representatives can help you with whatever you need.

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