7 Reasons to Landscape with Mulch


7 Reasons to Landscape with Mulch

The weather has warmed up and plants have left dormancy. It’s landscaping season. If you’re thinking about revamping your yard, consider landscaping with mulch.

Mulch landscaping carries a number of different benefits, all of which serve to make your yard healthier and more functional. Discover these benefits by reading below.

1. Regulates Soil Temperature

The ideal soil temperature for plant growth is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, in the summertime, soil temperatures tend to rise far above these figures.

Mulch can help keep the temperature down. It serves as a barrier between the sun and the soil, preventing soil from getting too warm on hot days.

2. Eliminates Weeds

If you are dealing with weeds, your landscape can most certainly benefit from mulch. Whereas weeds can easily poke through topsoil, they typically struggle to poke through a layer of mulch. In essence, mulching helps control weeds.

3. Feeds Your Soil

In order for plants to grow adequately, they require certain nutrients. These nutrients can be found in the soil that the plants are growing. However, over time, soil can be stripped of its vital nutrients.

By laying down mulch, you will be replenishing the nutrient supply of your soil. This is because, as mulch breaks down, it releases a bevy of different nutrients which are vital to plant growth.

4. Retains Water

If your plants don’t receive adequate amounts of water, they will die. While you can usually count on consistent rainfall to feed your many plants, droughts do occur.

In the case of droughts, it’s important that your soil has reserved some water. Mulch helps soil to retain water. Spread mulch around your plants to ensure that they always have enough water.

5. Reduces Possibility of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is the process which occurs when the top layer of soil is washed away by rain, wind and other elements. When soil erosion occurs, the plants which are planted in the soil struggle to garner necessary nutrients. However, adding mulch to your garden beds can reduce the possibility of soil erosion.

6. Reduces Mowing Area

While mowing the lawn takes a great deal of time and effort, it’s essentially required in order for your yard to maintain a pleasant aesthetic. By adding more mulch and taking away grass you reduce the amount of lawn that needs to be maintained. This is a great solution for people who are not very fond of mowing the lawn.

7. Improves Aesthetic

While aesthetic preferences are entirely subjective, it is believed by many that landscaping with mulch will improve the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Putting mulch down not only allows your flowers and plants to stand out more, it creates a nice symmetry in your yard as well. In essence, laying down some mulch will help attract the eyes of people passing by.

Start Landscaping with Mulch

Ready to start landscaping with mulch and live in Chicagoland, contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems.

We produce four different colors of mulch, all of which will serve to improve both the aesthetic and functionality of your yard. Whether you’re looking for premium brown, economy brown, premium red, or double ground natural, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to get started!

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