LRS Residential Services

LRS Residential Services

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At LRS, we’ve turned waste & recycling collection into a science—a science that consistently comes with superior service and forward-thinking sustainability.
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Our Residential Services

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Residential Waste & Recycling Collection

Timely, reliable, and thorough service is the only kind we provide. When you trust your residential waste and recycling collection to LRS, peace of mind comes standard.

We are an award-winning leader in eco-innovation, and our recycling collection service is driven by best practices for environmental sustainability.

Temporary Dumpster Rentals

Working on home renovations? Cleaning out the garage? Our temporary dumpster rentals are the perfect solution for your disposal needs.

Portable Restrooms

Whether it’s a party or wedding, LRS is your source for portable restrooms. Enjoy free quotes, fully stocked units, and stress-free customer service.

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If service is not available, please contact us or call 844-NEED-LRS

Residential Services FAQ

To request a residential service quote for your home, please call us at 844-NEED-LRS or Contact Us. Please provide your service address, phone number, and what kind of service you are interested in starting with LRS: waste collection, recycling collection and/or yard waste/organics collection. One of our representatives will then contact you to regarding your request.

Please call us at 844-NEED-LRS or Contact Us. One of our representatives will reach out to you regarding your request.

Apart from regular curbside pickup service, we offer backdoor collection where trash is collected from the back or rear door of a single-family residential dwelling. This option is only available if the municipal contract allows for it, and it may incur an additional cost.
Vacation service (also known as seasonal service, holiday hold, and snowbird billing) lets our customers pause their services if they are going to be away for an extended period. Based on the municipal contract, customers may also be able to place their billing on hold for a certain amount of time. Customers must meet the minimum vacation hold requirements (depending on the municipal contract). For additional questions on vacation service, please call us at 844-NEED-LRS or Contact Us.

Bulk items are items that are too large to fit in typical carts/containers, such as a mattress or sofa. Depending on the municipal contract, bulk items can be taken using stickers, pre-payment, or free. For additional questions on bulk items, please call us at 844-NEED-LRS or Contact Us.

Our e-waste collection services differ based on the municipal contract. This includes special collection for electronics requiring different handling than garbage or curbside recyclables. Some e-waste collections require customers to submit requests during specific collection months. Please see your municipality’s electronics collection schedule and the associated monthly request deadline. For additional questions on e-waste collection service, please call us at 844-NEED-LRS or Contact Us.

Hazardous waste is waste that has substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment. It usually has one or more of the following traits: reactivity, ignitability, corrosivity, toxicity, or persistence. LRS does not have a drop-off facility for household hazardous waste (HHW). Please see your municipality’s hazardous waste collection details and schedule. For additional questions on e-waste collection service, please call us at 844-NEED-LRS or Contact Us.
If your waste is not collected on the service day by 6:00PM, please contact LRS by calling 844-NEED-LRS (844-633-3577) or fill out the Missed Pickup. Please include your address and indicate the type of service that was missed.

Additional Services

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Additional Pickup
Need your trash, recycling, or yard waste picked up on a non-service day? Contact our support team and we’ll schedule a recovery pickup time that works for you.
Drop-off Locations
Looking to discard specific items? Whether you’re a business or residential customer, LRS has you covered with convenient drop-off locations near you.

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There is no greater goal at LRS than to protect the health of our employees and the communities we serve. That’s why we’ve taken the lead in building a lasting culture of safety & awareness with our Live Safety campaign.