Residential Waste and Recycling Services

On July 1, 2018, City of Geneva residents began a partnership with LRS as the new hauler to provide waste, recycling and yard waste services.

Program Changes

The sticker program or ‘Pay-as-you-Throw’ approach that residents are used to will remain in place. The biggest difference: cost. Under the City’s new program with LRS, residents now pay a sticker price of $2.97/sticker. Residents that use a subscription-based program will also have the option to continue doing so. Like the sticker program noted above, subscription services will also decrease in price. All residents will receive a 35G, 65G or 95G recycling cart to be used at no charge.

Stickers (Pay-as-you-Throw)

  • Sticker price $2.97 per sticker (waste & yard waste)

Half Bags

  • 20G half-bags $2.28 per bag

Electronic Waste

  • TVs and monitors 15 stickers per item
  • Bundles of E-waste (small box under 50lbs) 5 stickers per bundle
  • Single small E-waste items 1 sticker per item

What is NOT Changing?

  • Your current service day will remain the same.
  • Extra waste will require one sticker per 32G bag.
  • The same retailers that you currently purchase stickers at will continue to sell LRS stickers.
  • Bulk Items will require one sticker per item
  • ‘White Goods’ (appliances) will require one sticker per item

Click below to update your cart size or request an additional cart.

Holiday Schedule

Holiday collection service will be provided one day later than the normal schedule, on the holidays listed below. 

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Click here for more information regarding LRS’ holiday schedule.

General Collection Guidelines

Your collection day will remain the same. All garbage, recycling and yard waste will be collected between the times of 7AM and 7PM on your collection day. Please place all items on your curbside between 7PM the night before, and 6AM the day of collection. Containers must be removed from the parkway/curbside by 7PM on your collection day.

Garbage Collection

If you have additional waste that will not fit in your garbage cart or can, you must place a sticker on each bag and/or item, and place it next to the cart or can. There is no limit to the amount of garbage bags we will collect, as long as stickers are applied. Please note: garbage mixed with yard waste, leaves or organic material will not be collected, as this material is not permitted in State of Illinois Landfills.

Bulk Items

“Bulk Items” are items that are too large to fit into a cart or can. Each bulk item will require one sticker. Carpet rolls must be no longer than 4’ in length, and 18” in diameter. If a bulk item is deemed hazardous, unacceptable for landfills or weighs more than 50lbs, that item will not be taken. Please schedule a special pickup with LRS for these types of items.

White Goods

“White Goods,” are appliances containing CFC, HCFC, PCBs, mercury switches or other hazardous components (refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.) These items will require one sticker per item. White goods will usually be collected separately by a box truck at the end of the day.

DIY Construction

Home remodeling waste that includes, but is not limited to drywall, plywood, paneling, lumber, doors, windows, cabinets, porcelain fixtures, sod, fencing, concrete or rocks will require special pickups. Residents will need to call and schedule service for these items, and will be charged by the yard.

Recycling Collection

As has been the case in the past, residents are encouraged to co-mingle acceptable recyclable items in their carts. All food-based recyclables should be rinsed. Plastic bags are not recyclable, and should not be placed in recycling carts.

There is no limit to the amount of recyclables that residents can put out each week for collection. As is the case with waste items, recyclable items must be under 50lbs. LRS may reach out to residents who regularly generate more recyclables than will fit in their carts to recommend a larger or second container.

Yard Waste Collection

Please Note: The City of Geneva’s current Brush and Leaf collection programs will not change. However, additional collection options are available with Lakeshore:

Weekly brush/yard waste collection by Lakeshore will begin the third full week of March, and end on November 30. Residents may use brown kraft bags, each with a sticker affixed, or a 65-gallon LRS cart for an additional cost. For the first two weekly pickups of the spring, stickers will not be required on yard waste left for collection. Starting on December 1, and ending on December 31, residents may place leaves (only) in brown bags (only). Stickers will not be required for collection on these items during those dates.

If containers are not feasible for brush collection by Lakeshore, place brush, limbs, branches and trimmings in bundled and twined stacks no larger than 4’ in length and 18” in diameter at your collection point. Stickers will need to be affixed to the bundles. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be accepted. Place leaves in either biodegradable bags or a maximum of 35G container, weighing no more than 50lbs.

LRS will collect Christmas trees for the first two full weeks of January at no charge.

Billing Information

Residents will continue to use the PAYT / Sticker-based service they are used to, and will not be charged for use of their recycling carts.  Subscription customers will receive a bill in advance of the next three months of service.  Residents using the subscription option for service may pay electronically, online or by authorized ACH transactions. We also encourage residents to opt for electronic receipt of invoices.

Sticker Purchase

Stickers are available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Blue Goose
    300 S 2nd St., St. Charles
  • DG Ace Hardware
    2650 E Main St., St. Charles
  • Family Pantry
    1409 E State St., Geneva
  • Geneva Ace Hardware
    617 W State St., Geneva
  • Geneva City Hall
    22 S First St., Geneva
  • Jewel
    119 Randall Rd, Batavia
  • Jewel
    652 Kirk Rd, St. Charles
  • Jewel
    2073 Prairie St., St. Charles
  • Meijer
    855 S Randall Rd, St. Charles
  • Riley Drugs
    415 W State St., Geneva

Please be sure to state which City stickers you would like to purchase.

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Holiday Service Update

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, services will be delayed the week of November 22. LRS will not be providing services on Thursday, November 25th, and the rest of the week will be delayed by one day after November 25th. Delayed services will include residential waste, recycling and yard waste. The normal service schedule will resume Monday, November 29th.

For more information regarding your specific service area, click here.

Thank you and have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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