Village of Union: Solid Waste & Recycling Collection

LRS is proud to be the preferred waste and recycling partner for Union. 

In addition to being the exclusive residential waste and recycling hauler for Union, many Union homeowners are currently in need of dumpster rental, on-site storage, portable bathrooms and street sweeper services. LRS is here to help. We have the most professional and affordable dumpster rental, on-site storage, portable bathrooms and street sweeper services available in Union. We offer many different services that all can be customized to meet whatever residential needs you may have.

Union Collection Guidelines.

  • All solid waste materials must be put out by 5:30 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day. We cannot guarantee an exact time the driver will be at your home.
  • Pick up day will be FRIDAY
  • Service will include a 95-gallon toter for unlimited residential trash pick-up and a 65-gallon toter for unlimited recycling. Senior Service available, 65 and older, limited 45-gallon trash toter/65-gallon recycling toter.

LEAF VACUUMING: will occur three times a year, once in the spring and twice in the fall.

Recyclable Materials


Newspaper and insertsMagazine catalogs & phone booksOffice paper notebooks
Computer printoutsHanging file folders (remove metal & trash it)Pastel sticky notes
Glossy brochuresIndex cardsGreeting cards
StationeryFax paperManila folders
EnvelopesJunk mailChipboard/Paperboard
Cardboard boxesBrown paper grocery bagsPaperback books
  • NO used paper plates or pizza boxes, or fluorescent paper (they contaminate the paper stream with food, dye, or plastic coating) If the pizza box top is clean you can tear it off and recycle it.
  • NO paper towels, tissues, or napkins, which are not recyclable because the fibers are too small to reuse (please compost them with kitchen food scraps if possible)
  • NO Shredded Paper – Loose shredded paper causes major sorting problems in the Recycling Facilities
  • NO frozen food boxes, which are made of a hybrid of paper and plastic, and are not wanted by paper mills
  • NO paper cups, which are also made of a hybrid of paper and plastic rendering them unrecyclable

Aluminum Cans & Foil

  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pie plates and trays


  • Milk, Soup
  • Cardboard Egg Cartons
  • Juice cartons & boxes

Steel/Tin Cans

  • Food cans and lids
  • Metal paint cans and lids
  • Empty aerosol cans

Glass Bottle & Jars

  • All colors are accepted
  • NO window or auto glass, bakeware, ceramics, mirrors, light bulbs, coffee pots or drinking glasses

Plastic Containers

  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic tubs
  • Plastic jugs
  • NO plastic bags or plastic film (plastic wraps, sandwich bags, freezer bags, tarps)
  • NO plastic utensils or plates (plastic wraps, sandwich bags, freezer bags, tarps), cups, lids or straws
  • NO candy wrappers, cereal bags, potato chip bags, or snack bags
  • NO empty motor oil, pesticide, or chemical bottles
  • NO Styrofoam, polystyrene (do not put in curbside bin)

Union Yard Waste Collection

  • Yard waste is included in your service, no stickers are needed.
  • Yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, tree branches, and brush, is collected from April 1st through November 30th
  • Collection will occur weekly, same day as trash day
  • Stickers will be required for all extra bags outside of your toter, available at Union Village Hall or via mail by calling LRS at 844-NEED-LRS

Resident Owned Containers & Biodegradable Yard Waste Bags

  • Yard Waste is collected in biodegradable Kraft paper bags or resident-owned rigid containers clearly marked “Yard Waste” not exceeding 33-gallons or 50 lbs
  • Yard waste in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.

Yard Waste Container

  • Residents may also rent a 95-gallon toter for yard waste collection, supplied by LRS for $3.00 per month. No competitors’ cans will be accepted since they are not compatible with our equipment.

Biodegradable Yard Waste Bag

  • Yard waste is collected in biodegradable Kraft paper bags.
  • Yard waste placed in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.

Brush Bundles or Twigs

  • Any brush or branches outside of the container must be cut down to 4 feet in length and bundled (use twine or string – no metal twine or wire) no great than 2 feet in diameter and not weighing more than 50 lbs.
  • Unbundled brush WILL NOT be collected.
  • Please note that sod, dirt, rock, whole trees, limbs greater than 2 inches in diameter and stumps are not part of the weekly yard waste program.

Christmas Tree Collection

  • Christmas trees will be collected the first two weeks of January at no additional charge from all residential households.
  • All decorations, stands, etc. must be removed from trees in order to be collected. Do not place trees in plastic bags. Trees in plastic bags will not be collected. Trees longer than 6 ft. must be cut in half.

Larger Bulk Items

  • One bulk item per week will be allowed for pick-up at no additional charge including a white good.
  • A bulk item is considered an item the resident can carry to the curb, not drag, weighing no more than 50lbs or more than 4 feet
  • All bulk items must be at a weight that is manageable for one person to life (not drag).

Billing & Invoice Options

Invoices are sent in advance on a quarterly basis for services. Payments are due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Late fees will apply for payments received late. As nearly all costs associated with providing the service increase on a regular basis, rates are increased on an annual basis every July.

Auto Payment Option

  • LRS offers an auto-pay option for residents who choose to establish this method of payment. Once you receive an invoice from LRS, you may choose this option. If you would like to elect for auto pay, you may do so by going to Payments@LRSrecycles.com. You will be asked to create a username and password.

Mail Payment

  • The mailing address for payments is:LRS
    PO BOX 554892
    DETROIT, MI 48255-4892
  • To pay online, please visit https://www.lrsrecycles.com/pay-bill/
    • The password will be the last 4 digits of your phone number

If you need assistance, please call or email LRS Customer Service for assistance with paperless billing, paying your bill or registering for auto-pay at 844-NEED-LRS or Service@LRSrecycles.com