Roundup of Recycling and Waste Management Trends and Innovations

Roundup of Recycling and Waste Management Trends and Innovations

Here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we know that recycling and waste management trends and methods are always evolving. That’s why we not only keep up with the latest trends and innovations within our industry, we are considered by many to be thought leaders. Whether it’s embracing new technology or more sustainable practices, we’re always excited to be a part of what’s coming next. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most recent industry news and changes.

RFID Technology

This technology has been around for a while, but it has only recently been implemented in the waste management industry. RFID tags can be used to collect data in a relatively inexpensive way. “Smart” bins that use the technology are already in use in a few different cities.

A bin with an RFID tag can connect to a garbage or recycling truck that’s also equipped with RFID technology. The data exchanged shows how many houses are putting out recyclables and how much they’re recycling. Cities can analyze data and, in some cases, work on more incentives for neighborhoods where less people recycle. This can lead to an increase in recycling rates and less garbage in landfills. (Note: Lakeshore Recycling Systems does not own any landfills)

Better, More Efficient Routes

New technology is making it easier for waste management and recycling firms to drive more efficient routes. While we offer recycling drop off services, new technology and software can make it easier to find better routes to travel when picking up waste and recyclables. This saves time and money, while reducing fuel usage and emissions, which makes the recycling process even greener.

Trash Cans with GPS

This may seem like an odd bit of technology, but trash cans with GPS can actually boost recycling rates. People walking through a local park might hold onto their empty soda can or water bottle for a little while if they don’t see a recycling bin, but others might just toss them in an ordinary garbage can. By analyzing which garbage cans end up taking in more recyclable materials, cities like Chicago can better place recycling bins and boost recycling rates.

Modernized Landfills

You wouldn’t think that too much thought goes into a landfill, but you’d be wrong. Modern landfills are smarter, more efficient, and subject to regulations that make them far safer. Some landfills even use the gases and waste they contain to generate energy. Many types of waste can find a second life as energy or specialty products. This could dramatically change how consumers approach waste management and recycling. Modern landfills have come a long way and we’re sure that there are more innovations still to come. While Lakeshore Recycling Systems vows to never own a landfill, we applaud the efforts of those that do and who are trying to make them safer.

Better Tools for Customers

New technology has also made it easier for customers to get the waste management or recycling services they need. Tools on our website, for example, make it simple to get a quote, contact us, or learn more about our services. Future innovations could include apps that make it easier to schedule a pickup or pay bills.

These are just a few of the big trends and new technologies affecting this industry. This sector is digitizing and all of us here at your Chicago recycling drop off center are making sure that we lead the change.

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