Clean Sweep Street Sweepers

Tested, Trusted & Reliable Cleansweep is Chicago’s Street Sweeping Leader

Building on a legacy of street sweeping success for more than 15 years, LRS’ CleanSweep division is the street sweeping partner of choice for more than 45 municipalities throughout greater Chicago. CleanSweep also remains the go-to partner for Chicago’s leading construction firms, developers, homeowners’ associations, property managers and large industrial plants.

Why is Street Sweeping Critical to Our Environment?

Partnering with a trusted street sweeping provider is the most effective way to keep storm drains free from the build-up of dangerous contaminants that can enter sewer systems, catch basins and local bodies of water. Municipalities also depend on street sweeping to keep neighborhoods, parking lots and downtown districts beautiful, for leaf control and efficient disposal of street sweeping debris.

From Public Works teams to construction site superintendents, decision-makers on the front lines depend on partners who are experienced, tried-and-tested, and bring a sense of priority and personal responsibility to every sweep. CleanSweep has forged that reputation of trust, responsiveness and reliability, by anticipating the unexpected and building on a portfolio of safe street sweeping experience that is unrivaled anywhere in the Midwest.

Our robust fleet of more than 25 street sweeping trucks is comprised of industry-leading regenerative air vacuum sweepers– widely considered the next generation of street sweeping technology – featuring advanced capacity, efficiency and suction power. For heavy-duty construction site jobs, our mechanical broom sweepers remain the most effective way to clear pea gravel and dirt trails tracked out of your site.

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ABOVE) Street sweeping debris collected from the curbline on just one municipal sweep cycle
From brake shoe dust, oils, and other contaminants produced by vehicular traffic, regularly scheduled street sweeping reduces street maintenance and moisture trapped on the road, preventing cracks and deterioration, and reducing infrastructure costs. Committed to service excellence and backed by experienced operations professionals with unmatched logistical expertise, Lakeshore’s CleanSweep team stands ready to answer your call. Contact the cleansweep hotline at 833-222-2260 or fill out the form below to learn more and schedule your next sweep!
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