On-Site Storage Containers

Based on a recent acquisition, LRS has expanded its system-wide service areas to include on-site storage.

Please call us at 630-377-7000 for any storage on-site related inquiries. 

LRS provides on-site storage to safely and securely store tools, equipment, overstock and general storage needs on-site. This service is especially useful for construction and demolition professionals to store necessary equipment on-site.

On-Site Storage Containers for Rent

Available in gray and orange, LRS’ storage containers are made of thick steel and have large double locking doors for maximum security. Our storage containers are freshly painted white to reflect natural like and provide added visibility to the stored contents. Additionally, we have reflective taping on all sides of our orange containers for easy visibility on-site.

For proper on-site storage assistance, call Lakeshore at 630-377-7000 and one of our representatives will work with you to determine your storage needs and how much will fit into an on-site storage container.

on site storage containers for rent