Organic Waste

Organic Waste

In summer 2017, LRS unveiled a state-of-the art aerobic digester system to convert organic material into compost. LRS’ California Avenue facility is the first privately-held facility in the US to utilize this cutting-edge technology. Not only does this digester provide a much-needed answer for organic waste diversion, it also eliminates many negative impacts found in traditional organic waste collection.

The digester system creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer in a processing time of one day and can accept almost any type of organic material available. This is the perfect solution for many of LRS’ customers, whether restaurants, high-rises, homeowners or municipalities. By utilizing this digester, there is a continuous output of nearly 90% of items and it can continue accepting materials 24/7 with minimal labor to monitor the machine. When the end product is processed, it is a 70% reduction of weight and volume from its original state.

By using this innovative system, dangerous methane gas will not be created, as typically found when organic waste is dumped into landfills. Also, less land is used in housing this technology in contrast to creating compost piles. Finally, there is zero water pollution and zero odor created when waste is converted into a fertilizer through the digester. All output is free of dangerous microbes and the high heat used in the digester
destroys harmful bacteria that may be included in waste.

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