Roll-off Dumpster Rental Service

Roll-off Dumpster Rental Service in Chicago, IL and Surrounding Areas

More than ever, today’s businesses and building managers need a smarter way to reduce waste and keep their properties clean. Property owners need to know that their recycling and waste containers will be the right size for their needs. Contractors require containers that are strong enough to stand up to the heaviest loads. For the homeowner, from small home improvement projects to full-blown home renovations these all may require a roll-off dumpster to accommodate your needs!

Lakeshore Recycling Systems offers the following options for roll-off containers:


Whether you are putting up a high rise, demolishing a building or tearing off a roof, LRS has the experience and equipment to handle any of your construction dumpster rental and demolition projects. Lakeshore Recycling Systems has built a strong reputation with area builders and contractors and you can trust in knowing that you will receive the great service that you deserve at a competitive price. Lakeshore’s roll-off drivers and California Material Recovery Facility operates 24/7 so we are able to provide efficient customer support or assist in answering any questions that may arise.

We have proven success in exceeding requirements for both LEED documentation and the City of Chicago recycling mandate. LRS can help you establish a suitable LEED certification process for the materials and resources portion of the process. We will implement a specific program on your job site, track the results and take care of the sorting, recycling, and paper work.

With the experience of over 300 LEED projects to date, including Ritz Carlton, Block 37, Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital, O’Hare International Airport just to name a few, which have all received the maximum 2 points for recovery rates exceeding 75%, you can feel confident with our excellent service.

Commercial Dumpster

Lakeshore offers reliable recycling and waste dumpster services for commercial properties, manufacturing companies and industrial plants. We provide both compactor and roll-off dumpster service in addition to any other equipment you may need. One of our specialists would be happy to provide you with a free waste audit customized for your business.

Roll-off Dumpster and Compactor Service

Roll-off (open-top) boxes are ideal for large quantities of debris including heavy and bulky items. They are convenient to use since just about anything can be placed inside. Compactor receiver containers are recommended in high-volume waste situations. They hold compressed material to maximize space. However caution is advised when placing heavy or bulky material inside of a compactor since it may potentially damage the machine. Soft item examples ideal for compactors would be cardboard, paper and plastic wrap, etc.

For larger demolition needs, we also offer a 100-yd tractor trailer option. Please contact us today to set up service, or get a quote!

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