Tips and Insights For Mulching Around Your Commercial Property

Tips and Insights For Mulching Around Your Commercial Property

The spring and summer seasons are a time for sprucing up the landscaping around your residential, commercial or business property. One of the aspects to address is the placement of mulch around key areas of your natural surroundings.

The purpose of mulch has a number of key components, including:

Moisture Retention. Mulch keeps soil moist and rich by aiding in water retention. The drying effect of the sun and air is blocked so that plants, shrubs and trees with mulch around them do not have to be watered as often.

A Weed Barrier. Mulch also slows or stops the growth of weeds around flower beds and planting areas.

Protective to Plants and Their Roots. With an ideal mulch layer, the roots of your plants will be more protected from the elements. The ground is less likely to freeze; freezing and thawing repeatedly is called “heaving” and can be highly damaging to plants. Plants are also protected from the soil and more likely to remain free of disease.

An Attractive Decorative Element. The placement of mulch also adds decorative appeal to the yard, creating a clean and manicured look that boosts curb appeal.

Prevents Erosion. Since raindrops don’t hit the soil’s surface, the soil is less likely to wash away.

A Note On Materials and Color

Mulch can be created from natural materials or man made. At Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we derive our mulch from recycled wood materials, so it’s extremely friendly to the environment. Our wood chip mulch is stained in a range of colors to meet your design needs and create your desired look.

When making your mulch color selection, be aware that dark-colored mulches absorb and retain the sun’s heat more readily than lighter colors. Light colors reflect the sun’s light and may damage some plant types.

Improper use and placement of mulch can actually cause damage to your landscaping. Use these tips and insights for the best results when mulching around your property.

The Ideal Mulch Layer

The art of getting the most benefit from mulch delivery to your commercial property is installing the proper amount. Too little mulch will make your landscaping look unfinished, and it won’t act as an effective moisture barrier. Using too much mulch can have the effect of suffocating your plants and shrubs. This can cause “girdling roots” and also make the area a breeding ground for plant-damaging insects such as slugs, cutworms and earwigs.

Mulch can be applied any time of year, but the spring and summer months offer the best conditions. The ideal amount of mulch is usually about 3 to 4 inches thick, but this can vary depending upon the type of plants and the effect you are going for. Soil should be watered before the mulch is installed.

For the best possible results from mulch delivery to your commercial property, trust an industry expert with years of experience. Lakeshore Recycling Systems is your top source for expert mulch delivery, application and maintenance in and around the Chicago area.

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