Tips for Working With Your Neighbors to Boost Recycling Rates

Tips for Working With Your Neighbors to Boost Recycling Rates

When it comes to recycling, one person can make a big difference. By developing better habits, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help recycle many products that would normally just sit in a landfill. However, there is a way to make an even bigger impact. You can work with your neighbors to boost recycling rates. It may not be the easiest task, but with some expert tips from Lakeshore Recycling Systems you can figure out ways to make your community even greener.


If you’re really committed to a new recycling initiative, education is key. Some of your neighbors may not know as much about recycling as you do. The confusion over what can and cannot actually be recycled could affect your local recycling rates. Passing out flyers, sending out emails, or putting up signage that explains what can and can not go in different bins can be incredibly helpful. You could even make magnets that your neighbors can put on their fridge. With a quick glance, they can figure out exactly where to put their waste.

Don’t Throw Non-Recyclable Items Into Bins

If you get overzealous in your recycling goals, you could end up throwing items that aren’t actually recyclable into your recycling bin. This can make the process less efficient and cause other issues later. As a part of your education initiative, make sure that you’re also telling people what can’t be recycled in a typical bin. Plastic shopping bags, batteries, light bulbs, electronics, and other things may all need to be properly recycled elsewhere. Many of these items require a specialized recycling drop off center, like one of our many facilities in the Chicagoland area.

Set Goals and Mark Milestones

One way to help your neighbors stick to a new recycling program is by setting goals. Keep track of certain milestones, like how many pounds of recyclables have been recovered, or make a note of it when there are no improper items in the bins one week. By keeping your neighbors engaged in this recycling program, they’ll feel like they have more of a stake in it. That could help ensure that they keep recycling and keep your community’s recycling rates on the rise.

Show Them The Environmental Benefits of Recycling

Teaching people about the many environmental benefits could help encourage them to recycle more. As a part of your education efforts and outreach, let people know about how reusing these materials we see every day can help greatly reduce energy use. A recycled plastic bottle, for example, requires 76 percent less energy to produce than one made from virgin materials. There can also be a big difference when it comes to other materials that are frequently used to make containers. Aluminum requires 96 percent less energy when its produced from recycled cans.

Recycling can even make a big difference when it comes to newsprint. The process for making paper from recycled materials requires 45 percent less energy. By recycling more glass, aluminum, paper and plastic, you and your neighbors can make a big difference.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is dedicated to efficiently and effectively recycling waste. Our team of professionals are eager to help you achieve your recycling goals. In addition to recycling, we also provide roll-off dumpsters, mulch, street sweepers, portable restrooms and many other services. Whatever your recycling or construction project needs may be, we have the staff and resources to make it a success. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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