Too Much Clutter? Upcycle Your Recyclables

Too Much Clutter? Upcycle Your Recyclables

What do you see when you look around your home? Do you see piles of magazines, boxes of old hardware or jumbles of cables? No matter what is laying around, you likely want this clutter gone and out of your hair.

But what if you could do something more with those unused, unwanted items? What if you could repurpose recyclable items into something better and unique? Well, you can.

Below, we’ll tell you how to upcycle several recyclable items you might find around your home. Read on to discover how you can repurpose and reuse these items in beneficial ways.



Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper is one of those inevitable materials that gets a great deal of use. And while toilet paper is not recyclable, those cardboard rolls are. Instead of throwing those cardboard rolls away, you can reuse them to organize any loose cables you have at home.

Take an unused shoe box and decorate it, or buy a large, sturdy box from your local craft store. Place each empty toilet paper roll vertically in the box. Keep adding rolls until the box is full. You can then grab your loose cords, roll them up, and place them in an individual roll to keep everything organized.

Bank and Credit Cards

When your debit or credit cards expire, you likely cut them up or shred them for security purposes. Another great way to upcycle these cards is to turn them into guitar picks.

Visit a music store or online vendor like Amazon and purchase a Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. This device works much like a three-hole punch, except that you use it to create guitar picks from any thick plastic. Use the Pickmaster on credit, debit or gift cards, or any plastic item that won’t damage guitar strings.

If you don’t play the guitar, you can use your expired cards in another way.

If possible, file down the credit card number on any bank cards. Then, cover the smooth card in a few layers of chalkboard paint. You can use chalk pens to write on the cards and use the repurposed item as a plant marker in your garden. To hold the card up in soil, paint unused forks and insert the cards between the prongs.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Many foods and drinks come in glass bottles and jars, partly because it is a commodity that you can re-manufacture over and over again. While Lakeshore Recycling Systems can recycle glass of all colors, you don’t have to toss them just to avoid clutter. Instead, pick one of the following upcycled crafts.


If you like to enhance your home with lovely scents, then you can easily make scented candles at home. Follow a guide to safely separate the lower and top parts of the bottle. You’ll use the lower portion as your candle mold or container. Then, visit your favorite craft store and purchase all the supplies you need to make candles.

Buy natural wax (like beeswax), wicks and washers or weights, and essential oils or other fragrances. Ask a crafts expert or follow an online how-to to create your candles. Simply pour your melted wax and fragrance mixture into the glass.


If you aren’t a fan of candles, you can always turn your old glass bottles into cups that you and your family use during each meal. Just follow the glass tutorial mentioned above to create your custom glasses.


Prefer something a little more illuminating? Turn your bottles into chandeliers or individual hanging lights.

Again, using the tutorial mentioned above, remove the bottom inch or two of your preferred glass bottles. Or, you can use spare mason jars if you have any. Simply follow a few guidelines to create these unique lights safely. Or, you can hire an electrician to do the job for you.

Declutter your home and add to it simultaneously. Use the tips mentioned above to upcycle common household items. If you don’t want to upcycle these items, get in touch with the experts at Lakeshore Recycling Systems. We can help you with all your recycling needs, including renting dumpsters to help you clear your home of clutter.

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