Top 10 Materials That Should Never Be Discarded In Dumpsters

Top 10 Materials That Should Never Be Discarded In Dumpsters

Chicago relies on roll-off dumpster services to assist businesses and residential property owners with a variety of waste disposal needs. Whether it’s a construction project or a special event, excess garbage and general waste management, in Chicago, dumpster solutions can be indispensable.

However, there are limits to what can be disposed of in this manner. Never put the following 10 items into a roll-off dumpster:

1. Batteries. No battery type should ever be discarded in a dumpster. This applies to alkaline batteries, auto batteries, rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries. Instead, recycle them at an auto parts store, hazardous materials facility or other designated location.

2. Electronics. Old televisions, VCRs, computers, printers and their components should also not be thrown into a dumpster. Instead, check with the retailer for disposal options. Some cities and municipal areas may take these items on designated dates of the year, so check local websites for this option.

3. Paints and Flammable Solvents. Lead-based paint and oil-based paint are also no-nos for dumpster discard. Paint thinner, solvents and flammable materials require specialty treatment as well. They qualify as hazardous waste and can often be discarded for a fee at designated locations.

4. Gas and Oil. Gasoline, motor oil, lawnmower fluids, lubricants, chemicals and other petroleum-based products must also be discarded at designated facilities in your area. They do not belong in a dumpster.

5. Appliances. From small appliances like blenders, toasters and espresso machines, to larger items such as microwaves, stoves and refrigerators, these items should not be discarded in a dumpster. Check with local handymen for pickup services, as many will repair them or use them for parts.

6. Pesticides. Just as with paints, solvents and gasoline, hazardous chemicals like pesticides are not allowed in dumpsters. This applies to both liquids and granules.

7. Light Bulbs. Neither incandescent nor fluorescent bulbs should be discarded in a dumpster. These should be treated as hazardous materials and disposed of accordingly.

8. Tires. Vehicle tires also do not belong in dumpsters. Check with local tire shops or auto parts stores for recycling programs and drop-off options.

9. Recyclables. Their very name tells you why these items shouldn’t be discarded in dumpsters. Whether it’s clean paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans or other recyclables, these belong in the appropriate receptacle for recycling so they can separated for future reuse.

10. Yard Waste. Many cities offer yard waste pickup of grass clippings, leaves, twigs and fallen branches. As such, they should not be thrown in a dumpster. You might also consider composting some of these items.

Finding dumpster services in Chicago that you can trust can be indispensable for your business and residential waste needs. Roll-off dumpsters come in a range of sizes and shapes for every circumstance. However, certain items should never be discarded in dumpsters. Keep this top 10 list in mind to stay in compliance with local laws and ensure your waste management efforts are always eco-friendly.

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