Top Reasons to Use Dumpster Rental Instead of a Junk Removal Service

Top Reasons to Use Dumpster Rental Instead of a Junk Removal Service

Both commercial construction projects and home remodeling projects can produce a substantial amount of waste. However, waste removal is also a primary concern and important consideration during home reorganizing projects, spring cleaning and garage or attic renovations.
In recent years, a number of junk removal services have come onto the scene. They pitch themselves as an alternative to dumpster rental for waste removal. Both dumpster rental and junk removal services have pros and cons. The following is a look at the benefits and possible downsides of each type of waste removal service:

Junk Removal

Hauling Services. The top benefit of junk removal services is their willingness to do all the heavy lifting. They will even remove items to be junked from basements and other hard to access spaces. This makes junk removal ideal for residential or smaller commercial jobs where you won’t have proper assistance in lifting bulky items into a dumpster.

Can Be Less Convenient and Flexible. If you find additional items later that you wanted picked up by a junk removal service, you’ll have to schedule another pickup. This will invariably incur additional costs.

Ideal for Smaller Jobs. If you are in the process of moving or doing spring cleanup, junk removal can be ideal for this type of job. You may still pay more than dumpster rentals, but in some cases, the convenience and time-saving factor can outweigh the extra cost.

Add-On Costs. Junk removal services tend to be less cost effective overall than dumpster rental services for waste removal. There are often added costs for picking up bulky items such as appliances, and each trip will incur additional costs.

Dumpster Rental

Flexibility. With LRS, we have the capabilities to tackle almost any project. We offer a number of flexible size, shape and pickup options so no matter your job, our dumpster rental services will work for you.

A Safer Job Site. Waste on your job site does not have to sit out in exposed piles before pickup as they would with a junk removal service. This makes for fewer tripping hazards and accidents related to piles of debris lying around on your job site.

More Affordable. Junk removal services often cost considerably more than dumpster rentals, especially for larger jobs. This makes dumpster rentals the ideal choice for larger jobs, commercial jobs and construction sites.

Professional and Reliable. With dumpster rentals, you’ll still receive the benefits of professional waste removal once you have filled the dumpsters with everything you wish to discard.

There are some cases where a junk removal service can offer convenience and assistance. Smaller jobs where you are pressed for time and require help with heavy lifting might call for this type of service.

However, in the vast majority of cases, dumpster rental is the solid choice for waste removal. With a range of size options, flexible pickup terms and cost-effective rates, dumpster rental is a reliable, professional waste removal option.

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