Top Tips to Reduce Waste When You Move

Top Tips to Reduce Waste When You Move

Spring is here in Chicago, which means it is also peak moving season. Of course, moving can be stressful. You need to pack up everything and bring it to a new place, which can also create a lot of waste. Most people don’t think about going green when they’re in the middle of a stressful move, but there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure that your move isn’t overly wasteful. Here are some of the top tips from Lakeshore Recycling Systems for a more eco-friendly move.

Rethink Your Moving Boxes

One way to cut down on waste when you move is by opting for a different kind of moving box. As your local Chicago waste haulers, we see plenty of moving boxes get thrown away or recycled after a move. There are a few things you can do to make this part of your move a bit greener. Some companies will rent out plastic moving boxes that will be reused over and over again. If that’s not an option in your area or you just want to use cardboard boxes, think about buying recycled ones. You can use them to move and then recycle them yourself, ensuring that they live on to help another family with their big move and won’t just sit in a landfill.

Sell or Donate Some Possessions

Moving is a great time to cut down the number of possessions you have. Take a close look at your closet and see if there are any clothes that you don’t really need, that could be donated or sold. In your kitchen, check to see if you actually need everything there to come to your new home. If you’re downsizing, maybe you need fewer plates or utensils. Some cooking tools may be past their prime, so it could be time to give them up. You could also sort through your collection of movies, games, and books to determine what you really want to bring with you.

If you get rid of a few things before your move, you’ll end up needing less boxes and packing supplies. That means you’re creating less waste. As an added bonus, you might even end up needing a smaller moving truck, which means less emissions, makes your move even greener.

Find an Alternative to Bubble Wrap

Supplies like packing peanuts and bubble wrap can be a big source of waste during a move. How else are you supposed to protect fragile items, like lamps and dishes? Instead, you can actually use other items that you want to take with you in your move anywhere. A soft sweater can do an excellent job of protecting your most precious cargo. The same goes for a blanket. You could also use newspapers and recycle them afterwards.

If you don’t have these kinds of substitutions handy, some places will recycle packing peanuts and other supplies for you. Our local waste services experts in Morton Grove can also help you recycle newspaper and some plastic packing supplies. Follow these tips and you can make your move easier and greener at the same time.

Caring for Your Waste

When it comes to managing waste recycling items, talk to the professionals at Lakeshore Recycling Systems. Whether you need dumpsters, storage containers, street sweepers, portable bathrooms, mulch or recycling services, we have the experience and expertise to help manage your project. Residents and businesses in Chicagoland have come to trust Lakeshore Recycling Systems with all their waste management needs. Call today to speak with one of our experts.

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