Trash Talk Work From Home Edition Volume 19

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Trash Talk Work From Home Edition Volume 19

Pets can bring so much joy and stress relief to a person’s life, if the person is ready for the commitment of a pet. There are some pets that need less attention than others but they can still bring the same amount of happiness. Depending on your lifestyle, adopting a pet may be right for you but that is up to you to decide!

Adopting a pet can have many benefits such as companionship, protection, reduced stress and increased exercise depending on the type of pet you adopt. These benefits can help with coping with the circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

lost and homeless jack russell dog with cardboard hanging around neck, abandoned at the street, waiting to be adopted at the door home

This week’s employee work from home newsletter is all about pet adoption to celebrate National Dog Day (August 26) and National Holistic Pet Day (August 30) this week. If you have a pet already, be sure to celebrate your little companion this week!

Click our newsletter image below to go through the links to see if adopting a pet, and which kind, is right for your household.

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