Types of Dumpsters: A Quick Summary


Types of Dumpsters: A Quick Summary

Managing a construction site? Preparing to move out of your home? If so, you likely have a great deal of waste to get off your hands. What can you use to dispose of this waste? Your best bet is to use a dumpster.

The question is: what kind of dumpster should you use? There are four primary types of dumpsters available, all of which offer their own benefits and drawbacks. These dumpsters include compactors, front-load dumpsters, rear-load dumpsters and roll-off dumpsters.

Need help making a choice? Read on to learn a little more about the types of dumpsters available.


First, let’s discuss compactors. These are widely regarded as the most efficient type of dumpsters available. These machines work by intaking your waste and compressing it so that it takes up as little space as possible.

Because compactors can quite literally compact waste, they don’t require that you empty them as often. They can hold more trash than other types of dumpsters, meaning you will only need to empty them every once in a while.

It should also be noted that, because compactors break your trash down into small bales, your trash won’t take up as much room. This will give you ample space to complete other pertinent tasks.


Front-loaded and rear-loaded dumpsters are very similar. Possessing similar sizes and shape, they can both be used to serve the same purposes.

There are, however, a few differences between front-loaded and rear-loaded dumpsters. Front-loaded dumpsters are typically shorter and narrower than rear-loaded dumpsters. Slanting down from their backs to their fronts, they are very easy to access.

You might commonly see front-loaded dumpsters used outside of restaurants and other commercial buildings. They are also often used in municipal areas.


Rear-loaded dumpsters are typically wider and taller than front-loaded dumpsters. Because of this, they are capable of holding more trash at one time than are front-loaded dumpsters.

However, because they are larger than front-loaded dumpsters, they also take up more space. Depending on how much room you have available, it is sometimes difficult to position a rear-loaded dumpster on your property.

Quite often, you might see rear-loaded dumpsters in alleys behind commercial buildings. In many cases, they will be used by several businesses at one time. If you own a business and have to regularly dispose of a great deal of trash, a rear-loaded dumpster just might be the right choice for you.


If you are looking for a dumpster that can hold a great deal of waste at one time, you would be best suited by a roll-off dumpster. When compared to front-loaded and rear-loaded dumpsters, roll-off dumpsters are massive.

In many cases, you might see roll-off dumpsters used on construction sites. This is because they are large, open, and easy to access at all points.

While roll-offs are often seen in commercial settings, they can also be used in residential settings. They are particularly handy when carrying out a large home renovation project, for example.

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