Four Types of Porta Potties You Can Rent


Four Types of Porta Potties You Can Rent

Perhaps you’re planning a large, outdoor party? Maybe you manage outdoor athletic events? There are a seemingly endless number of reasons why you might have a need for porta potties in Schaumburg, Illinois.

If you have a need, there are a number of different types of porta potties to choose from, each of which offers something just a little different in terms of functionality and luxury. Curious as to what’s available to you? Here are 4 types of porta potties you can rent in Schaumburg.

Standard Units

The most basic type of porta potty is the standard unit. This unit is the most widely used, measuring in at 44 inches wide, 89 inches tall and 48 inches deep. It is big enough for just about anyone who wishes to use it.

Standard units aren’t the flashiest type of porta potties, but they most certainly get the job done. The amenities you’ll get with this model of portable restroom include coat hangers, a mirror, a soap dispenser and a hand sanitizer dispenser.

Made entirely out of plastic, they have white roofs that allow for a great deal of natural sunlight inside. In addition to this, they possess an ample amount of ventilation slits, which helps avoid odor buildup over time.

ADA Compliant Units

Depending on what you’ll be using them for, you might need ADA compliant porta potty units. These units are specifically made to accommodate handicapped individuals. These units measure in at 95 inches tall, 65 inches wide and 92 inches deep. These larger dimensions allow for the simple entry of wheelchairs of all different sizes.

Aside from their extra size, ADA compliant porta potties are essentially the same as standard units. They have limited amenities, which include soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, mirrors and coat hooks.

Like standard units, they allow for a great deal of sunlight and are designed to limit odor buildup throughout the day. If you’re hosting a public event, you will likely need ADA compliant models on the premises.

Deluxe Units

Deluxe units are a step up from both ADA compliant and standard units, offering around 50% more size than what is offered by standard units. This size can come in handy for situations where users are highly-dependent on portable restrooms (ie. construction sites, camping sites, etc.).

As far as amenities go, deluxe units offer just a bit more than standard units. In addition to soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, coat hooks and mirrors, these units also have triple-roll toilet paper holders.

Just like standard and ADA compliant units, they are designed with white roofs and ventilation slits. These two entities allow for excellent lighting and odor-resistance.

Executive Units

The biggest and best type of porta potty available is the executive unit. Just a bit larger than deluxe units, these are more than big enough for users of all different sizes.

There is no shortage of amenities offered by executive units. Not only do they have coat hooks, mirrors, soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers, they also have air conditioning, heating, countertops, sinks and drinking water.

If you’re putting together a high-end, outdoor event, executive porta potties are a great choice. They’re almost exactly like indoor bathrooms.

Looking to Rent Porta Potties in Schaumburg, Illinois?

Do you have a need for porta potty rentals? Looking to rent porta potties in Schaumburg, Illinois, specifically? If so, Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the company to call.

We rent out all of the portable restrooms discussed above, delivering them to your desired location upon your request. We also provide maintenance with our rentals, cleaning them out as needed.

Contact us today to discuss your need!

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