What I Stand For Is What I Stand On

What I Stand For Is What I Stand On

It is April 22, happy Earth Day! Protecting the Earth should not just be an initiative for today or this month, but every day of the year. Utilize Lakeshore’s environmental tips below to help incorporate sustainability into your daily life.

Turn off your lights and devices at night or when they are not in use

The first way to be more sustainable in your daily life is to ensure that you turn off products that require electricity when you are not using them. This includes TVs, wifi boxes, lights, unused power chargers and household appliances. Incorporating this mindset into your daily life can not only save you money on your electric bill but will also help preserve the environment.

Get a water-saving shower head and take shorter showers.

Water is a resource that is very valuable but often overused. According to WaterAid, 1 in 9 people do not have clean water close to their home and 844 million people do not have clean water. By purposefully taking steps to reduce the water you use, such as installing a water-saving shower head and taking shorter showers, you can help the planet by not using excess water.

Reduce the amount of plastic you use by using alternative items that are reusable

While many items made of plastic are recyclable, there are some products that are not, such as plastic bags. When you do use plastic, it is important to make sure that it is recyclable first. Finding alternatives to plastic products that are not recyclable, such as bringing your own reusable cloth bags when shopping or using a reusable water bottle instead of the single-use plastic water bottles, can help reduce the amount of plastic that is disposed of improperly. Whenever possible, Lakeshore strives to divert plastic that is recyclable from the waste stream so that it does not end up in a landfill.

Use your voice and your vote

Getting politically involved, both nationally and locally, and learning about new environmental policies that can impact the planet can truly make a sustainable difference. Being informed about laws that can affect the environment and taking the initiative to vote for policies that can make the world a healthier place is an easy change that you can incorporate into your life.

Make sure your big purchases have big environmental benefits

Whether you are considering buying a new home or are thinking of buying a new car, be sure to consider the environment when you are purchasing things that you will have for a while. If you are buying a new house, consider adding a compost pile or solar energy to your home. If you are in the market for a new car, consider buying a car that has better fuel efficiency or that is electric. Having big items, such as cars or your house, that are environmentally friendly can help reduce your carbon footprint and can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Use reusable items instead of products made from polystyrene

Polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam, is not recyclable because it would take a lot more energy to recycle this material than energy that is saved and often times it is contaminated by food or drink. Using products that are reusable in place of products made of polystyrene, such as reusable water bottles or Tupperware containers instead of Styrofoam cups or to-go boxes, is an easy way to be more sustainable in your daily life.

Carpool with others whenever possible

Vehicles can cause a lot of carbon pollution. By carpooling, there are fewer cars on the road and less air pollution. If you cannot carpool, consider taking public transportation, walking or riding a bike to your destination. By using these different methods of commuting, you not only reduce traffic but also save money and improve the quality of air that we all breathe

Recycle properly as much and as often as possible

Learning what is recyclable and spreading your knowledge with others makes a lasting impact on the preservation of our planet. Lakeshore strives to recycle as much as possible and divert waste from landfills in order to do our part to help make the Earth a healthier place to live. To learn what is and is not recyclable in your Lakeshore container, visit https://ow.ly/O8W750qvLzF.

Remember that all of these tips that we have mentioned this past week can be easily incorporated into your life today and after Earth Day. We only have one Earth, so we should do everything we can to take care of it! For more ways to be sustainable in your life, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! #StandUpForSustainability


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