Do You Need a Porta Potty This Winter?


Do You Need a Porta Potty This Winter?

Generally, when we see porta potties, we see them at outdoor summer events such as festivals and fairs. This means that porta potties are seldom used in the winter, right? Well, not exactly.

Porta potties can still be heavily used in the wintertime, serving a number of different purposes that can’t be served by indoor, permanent and established restrooms. In fact, you might even require the use of a porta potty this winter.

Read on to find out whether or not a porta potty in Glen Ellyn, Illinois can benefit you this cold season.

Locations That Can Be Accommodated by Porta Potties

There are a number of locations that can be accommodated by porta potties. Most of these spots are in remote locations, far away from established indoor plumbing. They are as follows:


While some larger parks might have established, indoor restrooms on the premises, small and medium sized parks are typically without such luxuries. Nonetheless, they need to have bathrooms of some kind in order to serve their visitors. This makes them the perfect locations for porta potties.

Camping Spots

Camp sites are similar to parks in that, while some of them contain established, indoor restrooms, many of them do not. This is particularly true for camping spots that are wilderness-style establishments. Campsites such as these should have porta potties to accommodate their many guests.

Athletic Facilities 

Though high school and college athletic fields typically have established restrooms, lower-level athletic fields typically do not. If these fields draw in hundreds of people at one time, it’s important to have porta potties within close proximity.

Construction Sites

Just about all construction sites require porta potties on-site in order to accommodate the workers. It is very rare that a construction site will have access to indoor plumbing, which makes porta potties all the more important.

How Can Porta Potties Help?

Porta potties offer a number of advantages. Portable restrooms can help you by:

Keeping Lines to a Minimum

When they only need to accommodate a small amount of people, indoor restrooms can keep lines short. However, if you only have 50 indoor toilets to accommodate 5,000 people for an event, your restrooms are probably not going to get the job done.

Conversely, porta potties can accommodate any number of people. You can simply rent as many as you need to suit your specific purposes.

Improved Convenience and Accessibility

Making it easy for someone to locate and use a bathroom is important.  It allows them to quickly and easily get back to whatever it is they were originally doing.

To make the distance as short as possible for as many people as possible, you should utilize porta potties. Unlike established, indoor restrooms, you can alter the locations of porta potties, ensuring that there’s always one nearby.

Looking for Porta Potty Rentals in Glen Ellyn, Illinois? 

Could you benefit from a porta potty rental this winter? Looking for porta potty rentals in Glen Ellyn, Illinois? If your answer is ‘yes’, Lakeshore Recycling Systems is the company to call.

We offer a wide variety of porta potties, from basic models, to deluxe models and everything in between. Regardless of the type you choose, we can deliver it directly to you and provide maintenance as necessary.

Contact us now to start the process!

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