Village of Worth

Village of Worth Refuse, Recycling and Yard-Waste Collection Program

Beginning May 1, 2019, Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) will be the new refuse, recycling and yard-waste service provider for the residents in the Village of Worth. LRS is a privately owned company headquartered in Morton Grove, Illinois with locations throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. LRS has provided services throughout northern, IL for nearly 20 years and is proud to partner with your community!

The transition of services will begin in mid to late April, when residents will begin to receive new LRS carts.

Click on the right image for a printable version of the new Worth brochure.

What is NOT Changing?

  • Garbage, recycling and yard waste services remain unlimited
  • Recycling will be collected every other week
  • Yard Waste season will remain April 1st through November 30th
  • Materials still need to be placed curbside by 6AM on collection day
  • Unlimited bulk item collection – Notifications preferred, not required
  • Appliances require advance notification and payment

What is Changing?

Effective May 1, 2019, the monthly rate will decrease to $18.25 per month. This will be a savings of $63.72 for the first year of service for each home.

The amount will be billed in advance, on a quarterly basis being January, April, July, and October. Services prior to this have been billed once every 6 months so that will change to once every three months beginning May 1, 2019.

The first invoice residents can expect will arrive in late April or the beginning of May 2019 and will only be for two (2) months of service, being May and June. The following invoices will be for three (3) full months of service. More information can be found under Billing, Rates and Payment Options.

Starting the week of May 6th, homes NORTH of 111th Street will be serviced on Tuesday, May 7th, instead of Monday. Tuesday will be the new service day for homes north of 111th Street each week thereafter. Recycling will be collected every other week as usual.

  • The first recycle collection for homes NORTH of 111th Street is Tuesday, May 14, 2019.
  • The first recycle collection for homes SOUTH of 111th Street is Monday, May 6, 2019.

It’s very common for drivers to arrive around the same time on collection day once the routes are established. LRS will be creating new routes and it takes time to establish a routine route. There are many other things that impact collection times which is why it is recommended that materials are placed out the night before the collection but materials are required to be out by 6AM on service day.

  • All items need to be placed out by 6AM on the collection day.

LRS will automatically provide new carts for garbage and recycle materials for each home. Residents will automatically be delivered a 95 gallon cart for garbage and a 95 gallon cart for recycle materials, unless a request is made for a different size. No action is necessary if you prefer the 95 gallon cart size for garbage and recycle. Please refer to the section on LRS CARTS for more information on cart options for garbage, recycle and yard waste.

LRS provides collection and proper management of electronic waste banned from Illinois landfills. Worth residents can now simply call or email LRS to schedule collection for unwanted electronics that are banned from the landfill. Please refer to the section on Electronic Waste for more information.

Republic Services will permanently remove their carts the last week of service. Residents will need to leave Republic toters (aka carts) at the curb until they are removed. LRS cannot empty Republic containers. If the Republic carts have not been removed by Monday, May 6th, please notify Republic Services.


Cart Delivery Schedule

Cart requests will be fulfilled in the order they are received and as quickly as possible. Residents who submit a cart request before April 1, 2019, will be delivered the requested cart(s) on or before May 6, 2019.

Cart orders will be submitted monthly thereafter and may take up to five weeks to receive. Residents will be issued the 95-gallon carts to use in the interim.

Cart Delivery and Exchange Fee

Please submit your request before April 1st and avoid the cart exchange fee. A cart exchange fee of $25.00 will apply beginning August 1, 2019.


Click below to update your cart size or request an additional cart.

Contact information for LRS

LRS Worth Customer Service Phone 773.685.8811

LRS email for Worth Residents:


Holiday collection service will be provided one day later than the normal schedule, on the holidays listed below.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Click here for more information regarding LRS’ holiday schedule.

LRS Carts

LRS will provide a new cart for garbage and a new cart for recycling material for every single family or townhome in the Village of Worth beginning the week of April 22, 2019. The initial cart delivery will take place through May 5, 2019.

No action is necessary for residents who prefer the 95-gallon garbage and 95-gallon recycle cart unless you would like to order additional carts or yard waste cart(s). Residents will automatically be delivered a 95-gallon cart for garbage and a 95-gallon cart for recycling material unless requesting a different size.

What other cart sizes or cart options are available?

  • Smaller carts for garbage and recycling are available in 35, 65 or 95 gallons. The monthly service rate is the same regardless of the cart size.
  • Additional refuse (garbage) and recycling carts are available for a monthly fee.
  • Please submit your cart request before APRIL 1st to receive it before May 6th.
  • No action is necessary if you are satisfied to receive the 95-gallon cart size for garbage and recycle.

Click on service option below to learn more

Cart Request Process

Village of Worth residents may make a cart request online or by calling LRS Customer Service. Please be sure to make your cart selection before April 1, 2019 in order to receive the selected cart(s) before the start of service the week of May 5, 2019.

LRS Online Cart Selection (Suggested)

Submitting a cart request is very easy with the LRS Online Cart Selection. Requests submitted online are immediately received and processed. You can select from different size carts, additional carts, and yard waste carts. You may also request to receive your invoice by email. LRS recommends residents use the online cart selection to avoid long hold times during high call volume periods.

LRS Online Cart Selection

LRS Customer Service

  • Call LRS Customer Service at 773.685.8811.

LRS Worth Customer Service Email

Residents may also email the LRS customer service department. The LRS Worth email address is monitored and responded to Monday through Friday from 8AM to 6PM.

When emailing the LRS Worth Customer Service, please include your first and last name, street address, phone number and your request.

Rates and Billing Information

LRS bills for services on a quarterly basis in advance (January, April, July and October). The monthly rate will be $18.25 beginning May 1, 2019. Rate increases will be applied every May thereafter through 2026.

E-mail Invoice Option

Residents may opt to receive paperless invoicing by registering online. Click here to register for paperless invoicing.

Auto Payment Option

LRS offers an auto-pay option for residents who choose to establish this method of payment. Once you receive your first invoice from LRS you may choose this option. If you would like to elect for auto pay, you may do so by clicking here: You will be asked to create a user name and password.

Need help?

Residents may also call or email LRS and a representative will assist with adding the method of payment over the phone and provide confirmation. Please call 773.685.8811 for assistance OR request help by email at

Mail Payment

The mailing address for payments is:

PO BOX 554892
DETROIT, MI 48255-4892

Garbage (Refuse) Service

Beginning May 1, 2019, garbage is collected on Monday and Tuesday in the Village of Worth. There is no limit to the amount of garbage that can be placed out for collection, so long as it’s properly prepared. All residents should use the LRS issued cart for garbage materials. LRS offers additional waste carts in various sizes for $3.00 per cart, per month.

Additional garbage that does not fit in the LRS cart may be placed neatly at the curb in bags, tied bundles, containers or boxes weighing up to 50 pounds. If using your own waste container for additional waste, it must have two handles and not exceed 33 gallons for safety reasons. If an item or items are not safe for the driver to manage, they may be left behind with a sticker providing an explanation.

Large Bulk Garbage Items

Large bulk items can be placed out for collection at no charge. Includes average sized furniture items such as a couch, table, or chair. Please email of call LRS if placing a large bulk item out for collection 24 hours prior to collection day. If your collection day is on Monday, please send a notification the Friday before to ensure collection.

Carpet Rolls must be no longer than 4’ in length, and 18” in diameter


For health and safety reasons, mattresses must be wrapped in plastic to be collected. Plastic mattress wrap can be found at local grocery stores, hardware stores, storage and moving outlets. If using loose plastic, it must be completely taped and secured on all corners with no exposure to the mattress.

Recycling Collection

Beginning May 1, 2019, recycling is collected on Monday and Tuesday in the Village of Worth and serviced every other week. Recycling is collected on the same day of the week as the garbage and yard waste, on a bi-weekly basis.

There is no limit to the amount of acceptable recycle items that can be placed out for collection, so long as it’s properly prepared. All residents should use the LRS issued cart for recycle materials. LRS offers additional recycle carts in various sizes for $3.00 per cart, per month.

Additional recycle that does not fit in the LRS cart may be placed neatly at the curb containers or boxes weighing up to 50 pounds. If using your own waste container for additional recycling materials, it must have two handles and not exceed 33 gallons for safety reasons. If an item or items are not safe for the driver to manage, they may be left behind with a sticker providing an explanation.

Click here for an LRS Recycle Guide

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste (also known as landscape waste) season is April 1st through November 30th, every year. Beginning May 1, 2019, LRS will collect yard waste on Monday and Tuesday in the Village of Worth. There is no limit to the amount of yard waste that can be placed out for collection, so long as it’s properly prepared. Yard waste is collected on the same day of the week as the garbage and recycling.

LRS offers yard waste carts in various sizes for $3.00 per cart, per month. Residents may use a waste container marked with an “X”, no larger than 33 gallons. Residents may also use biodegradable lawn, landscape, or yard waste bags as well. Containers or bags may not exceed the 50 pound weight limit each.

  • Brush bundles tied in biodegradable twine not to exceed 4’ length, 2’ width (diameter) and 50 pounds. Tree limbs may not exceed 3” (inches) in diameter.
  • Organic Food Scrap may be mixed in with yard waste during the yard waste season. Organic Food Scrap includes: bread, cereal, coffee grounds, dairy, egg shells, eggs, fruits, grain, pasta, shells, and vegetables.


Appliances are collected for a fee of $25.00 each. Appliances are collected separately by a different truck. Not all appliances require a collection fee. Please call LRS to schedule the appliance collection.

Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) items that are banned from the landfill (cannot go into the regular garbage) include the following items: computer mice, computer monitors, computers, digital converter boxes, digital video disc players, digital video disc recorders, fax machines, keyboards, portable digital music players, printers, satellite receivers, scanners, small scale servers, televisions, video game consoles, and videocassette recorders.

  • Smaller E-Waste items may be placed at the curb in a brown paper bag or a 24” x 24” x 24” or smaller cardboard box. Please mark the box as E-WASTE.
  • E-Waste should be separate from the refuse (garbage), recycle and yard waste containers in a noticeable location easily identifiable for the driver.
  • Call LRS to schedule an E-Waste collection

E-Waste Collection Rates:

  • One bundle in brown paper bag or box of e-waste not to exceed 24” x 24” x 24” = $25.00 each
  • TV or Monitor = $25.00 each
Acceptable Recyclable Materials
Aluminum Cans and Foil
  • Aluminum cans (please empty, do not crush or flatten)
  • Aluminum foil (ball clean foil to 2 inches or larger, no flat foil or small balled up foil)
  • Pie plates & trays (must be free of food)
  • Food and Drink Cartons
  • Milk, Soup, and Juice cartons and boxes (please empty and rinse, do not crush or flatten, plastic nozzles, caps and tabs can be left on)
Steel/ Tin Cans
  • Food cans and lids (please empty and rinse, labels can be left on)
  • Metal paint cans and lids (must be empty and dry, some dried paint residue is fine)
  • Metal lids are recyclable
  • NO utensils, propane tanks, wire hangers, or small appliances
Glass Bottles and Jars
  • All colors are accepted (please empty and rinse, labels and lids can be left on, avoid breaking the glass)
  • NO window or auto glass, bakeware, ceramics, mirrors, light bulbs, coffee pots or drinking glasses
Plastic Containers

Please recycle ONLY Bottles, Tubs, Jugs, and Jars – Regardless of the number.

  • BOTTLES (i.e. empty water, soda, juice bottles, empty laundry detergent, soap and shampoo bottles, empty health and beauty products and cleaner bottles) ** Replace plastic screw-top caps on empty plastic bottles.**
  • TUBS(i.e. empty coffee, tofu, cottage cheese, yogurt, margarine tubs, fruit or lettuce boxes)
  • JUGS(i.e. empty milk and juice jugs)
  • JARS(ie. empty mayo and peanut butter jars) Replace plastic screw top lids on empty plastic jars.
  • NO plastic bags (grocery)
  • NO plastic film (plastic wraps, sandwich bags, freezer bags, tarps)
  • No plastic utensils or plates
  • NO plastic cups, lids or straws
  • NO black plastic
  • NO plastic toys or hard plastic packaging
  • NO candy wrappers, cereal bags, potato chip bags or snack bags
  • NO empty motor oil, pesticide or chemical bottles
  • NO Styrofoam, polystyrene
  • NO straws, cup lids, paper or packing peanuts.
  • Newspaper and inserts
  • Magazines, catalogs, and phone books
  • Office paper, notebooks (staples are okay, remove all metal clips and spirals and throw in trash), computer print outs, hanging file folders (remove metal and trash it), pastel colored sticky notes (no fluorescent), glossy brochures, index cards, greeting cards, stationary, fax paper, manila folders and envelopes (cellophane windows are ok to leave in)
  • Junk mail (please remove all non-paper: plastic cards, magnets)
  • Chipboard/paperboard – cereal, cracker, tissue, shoe, gift, and 6/12-pack boxes, paper towel tubes, and egg cartons
  • Cardboard boxes must be flattened and cut to 3’x3’
  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Paperback books (no hardcover books)
  • NO used paper plates or pizza boxes, or fluorescent paper (they contaminate the paper stream with food, dye, or plastic coating) If pizza box top is clean you can tear it off and recycle it.
  • NO paper towels, tissues, or napkins, which are not recyclable because the fibers are too small to reuse (please compost them with kitchen food scraps if possible)
  • NO Shredded Paper – Loose shredded paper causes major sorting problems in the Recycling Facility, so please save your documents for a shred event or best practice is to tear off the confidential portion and recycle the rest of the sheet whole.
  • NO frozen food boxes, which are made of a hybrid of paper and plastic, and are not wanted by paper mills.
  • NO paper cups, which are also made of a hybrid of paper and plastic rendering them unrecyclable.

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Coronavirus Service Alert

Please note that as an essential business for our community, LRS is providing service as scheduled. We are committed to making sure that waste and recycling collection is the least of your worries.

Service times may vary from your normal collection schedule, so make sure to have your containers out by 6AM on your normal service day.

Please contact us either through our online contact page or via email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The hours for our Customer Service Team are 7am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and Saturday from 7am to 12pm.

Please see our Coronavirus communication update for additional information.

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