Household Items You Should Be Recycling in Schaumburg, Illinois


Household Items You Should Be Recycling in Schaumburg, Illinois

Recycling can positively impact the Earth dramatically. If you are not already recycling, you should start as soon as possible. There are a number of benefits that you can receive as a result of recycling your waste products.

Perhaps part of the reason you are not recycling is because you are unsure of what is actually recyclable? There are a variety of household items that many people do not know are recyclable. Here is a list of some common household items you should be recycling in Schaumburg, Illinois.


Have any books around the house that you haven’t read in years? If so, you should recycle them! These books can be recycled in two different ways: they can be sold to used bookstores or their materials can be broken down and used to make new products.

Junk Mail

Have you ever thought about how much paper is wasted on junk mail? Not only is paper used for the junk mail but also the envelopes that they are mailed in. Instead of throwing your junk mail in the trash, put it in a recycling bin so that all of the paper can be reused.

Cardboard Boxes

Another household item which can be recycled are cardboard boxes. Whether you have cereal, snack, storage boxes, etc., you would be doing the environment a favor by throwing them in the recycling bin. If you like to online shop a lot, things online from Amazon and other online retailers? The amount of cardboard used to deliver products to your home is stunning. You should consider recycling as much of the packaging your orders come in as possible.


Did you know that throwing used batteries into landfills will actually hurt the environment? Instead of throwing batteries in the trash, you should seek out options for recycling them instead.

Ink Cartridges

If you have a printer at home, you can actually turn in old ink cartridges to be used again. This is a great alternative to throwing them in the trash, which can actually be detrimental to the environment.

Light Bulbs

Some light bulbs still contain small traces of mercury, which is harmful to the environment. For this reason, they are often not allowed to be thrown into the trash. Fortunately, you can recycle these light bulbs by turning them into a recycling center, so that they do not go to a landfill.


You might be surprised to hear that you can actually recycle televisions. Regardless of whether your television is old or new, its parts can be used to create new products.

Electric Cords

Electric cords should never be thrown in the trash. This is because they contain components which can be truly harmful to the environment. Instead, you should recycle them!

Plastic Bags

While plastic bags cannot be recycled in most curbside pick-up bins, they can be recycled. In addition to reusing them for different personal purposes, you can also submit them to recycling centers.

Coffee K-Cups

Do you have a Keurig and use K-Cups to make coffee in the morning? If so, your K-Cups can actually be recycled as well. They can be melted down and used to make other plastic products.

Aluminum Foil

Many people do not realize that aluminum foil can actually be recycled. Instead of throwing you aluminum foil away, place it in the recycling bin!

Need Help Recycling in Schaumburg?

Ready to start recycling your household items? Need help recycling in Schaumburg? If so, Lakeshore Recycling Systems have you covered.

Our team of recycling specialists can walk you through the do’s and don’ts of environmentally responsible recycling practices. With multiple Chicagoland recycling locations, we can help you with all your recycling needs. Contact us today to get started!

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