Core Value: Social Impact

Service Comes in Many Forms

From volunteering and mentoring to our community outreach programs and inclusive hiring practices, we’re working to do more than keep our neighborhoods clean—we’re working to do good.

A Commitment To Our Communities

As one of the largest U.S. companies in one of the world’s most important industries, we recognize the impact of our work. From uniting through a global pandemic to shining a light on systemic gender & racial inequities, we’ve grown to a higher understanding of what it means to do the right thing.

Investing in Education & Outreach

LRS is committed to remaining an active voice for environmental change while working to uplift the communities we work and live in. That’s why we’re consistently investing in community education, partnering with Chicagoland charities, organizations, and schools to educate the public on recycling best practices.


After seeing a shortage of viable mechanics in the workforce, we also launched the LRS/Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Early Employment Program, which employs UTI students as ‘Mechanics in Training’ and pairs them with experienced ‘Mentor Mechanics’ to learn new skills in an LRS garage. When students graduate from UTI, they are offered a full-time position with LRS.


LRS also launched an endowed scholarship program for promising business students struggling with financial hardship, and joined forces with the College of Business to launch the LRS Student Success Center at Barsema Hall in 2022.

How to Build a Dream Team

At LRS, we love having a team that’s dedicated, diverse, and full of passion for protecting the planet. Our employees represent the best of the best, forming a rich mosaic of lived experiences that serve as the fabric and strength of our organization. Through our diversity we find commonality and an underlying unity that enables us to go above and beyond in providing exceptional customer experiences.


LRS continues to attract and retain top talent through transparent hiring processes that embrace gender equality, racial diversity, and age inclusivity. We also prioritize hiring veterans who served in our nation’s armed forces, persons with disabilities, and offering second chance career pathways for incarcerated populations.

We Rise Together

LRS is proud to embrace causes that are focused on uplifting our communities, including:

  • Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, helping to build new homes in dilapidated communities.
  • Donating resources to combat food insecurity in select communities where cost of living challenges remain prevalent.
  • Fundraising events, including charity golf tournaments and employee donations to fuel the fight against Lupus.
  • Promoting employee wellness at Wellness Fairs each fall, offering employees the opportunity to donate blood, get flu shots, and get access to mental health resources.
  • Cultivating and empowering the next generation of problem solvers at Northern Illinois University’s College of Business through our Business in Action and Experiential Learning Center programs.

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We’re proud to be reducing consumption, diverting material away from landfills, and consistently working to improve our planet’s long-term viability.


Protecting the well-being of our employees and the communities is essential. That’s why we’ve taken the lead in building a lasting culture of safety and awareness.
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As one of America’s leading waste diversion, recycling, and portable services providers, we’re proud to be pioneering a new path forward in sustainability and service.

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