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Core Value: Sustainability

Embracing Our Responsibility

With a business model built entirely on increased recycling and waste diversion, we’ve earned our reputation for environmental responsibility—but we’re not stopping there. Through innovation and dedication, our goal is nothing less than to be the ultimate sustainable partner for our communities.

A Commitment To Sustainability

As stewards of the environment, we’re expanding the boundaries of sustainability every day.

Eco-Conscious Across the Board

Single-Stream Recycling


At our Heartland, Northbrook, DeForest and Exchange Material Recovery Facilities we utilize advanced technology to sort household recyclables. LRS sorts, separates, and sends this material to mills across North America where it is turned into new commodities. The Exchange, our newest recycling center, processes 25-tons per hour and is expected to divert 224-million pounds of recyclables annually.


Working Toward Net Zero


LRS made a commitment to have net zero business operations by 2040. Net zero entails a balance between greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and the amount removed or offset. In 2022, LRS purchased its first electric collections truck with additional plans to electrify our machinery and equipment. By optimizing our driving routes, investing in electric equipment, and utilizing alternative fuels, LRS will continue to reduce emissions, thus pushing us closer to our net zero goal.


Community Education & Outreach


Inspiring and developing the next generation of environmental stewards is essential to the future of recycling. LRS is the waste & recycling partner for many midwestern school districts, universities, cultural institutions, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. As part of our commitment to education, LRS provides resources to our partners, customers and community members about recycling and sustainability.

The Waste and Recycling Process

Ever wonder what happens to your trash and recyclables after you put them at the curb? Let LRS take you inside the journey!


1. Customer Sorting – The customer sorts and separates recyclable materials from waste.


2. Collection – LRS collects waste and recycling separately, delivering materials to our cutting-edge facilities for sorting.


3. Sorting at Facilities – Working in sync with our advanced machinery, LRS team members maximize diversion to ensure we’re able to recycle as much material as possible. LRS diverts up to 40% of material that would normally be taken to landfills!


4. Recycling Materials – Once the materials are sorted and separated, recyclables are sold to be turned into raw material. Residuals that cannot be recycled are taken to a landfill.


5. Recycling is Marketed – Recycled materials are repurposed as new items to be bought or used again by the public.

See Our Other Core Values


Protecting the well-being of our employees and the communities is essential. That’s why we’ve taken the lead in building a lasting culture of safety and awareness.

Social Impact

From volunteering and fundraising to our mindful hiring practices and outreach programs, we’re proudly working to help enrich the neighborhoods we serve and live in.
Meet LRS
As one of America’s leading waste diversion, recycling, and portable services providers, we’re proud to be pioneering a new path forward in sustainability and service.

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LRS - Michigan - Recycling Service Areas - Niles

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LRS - Michigan - Recycling Service Areas - Cassopolis

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LRS - Michigan Recycling Service Areas - All