Environment & Sustainability

LRS ESG Mission:

To promote and integrate a culture of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) best practices, based on metrics, mindfulness and transparency as a responsible steward of sustainable environmental services.

LRS is a pioneer of the circular (closed loop) operating model. The more material we reuse, divert and repurpose, the more we earn. From roofing shingles, railroad ties and scrap metal to leaves, glass, food waste and recyclables, LRS has specialized in waste diversion rather than a linear, consumption to landfill, approach.

LRS disrupts the traditional waste industry status quo by diverting and recycling the commodities we receive. Combined with proven best practices and expanded lines of business, including street sweeping and porta potty services, LRS has built an unmatched approach to environmental sustainability.

As part of our dedicated ESG framework and commitment to transparent reporting, LRS is working to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and lower our carbon footprint. In the coming decades, and based on critical economies of scale, LRS will transform its fleet to be powered by renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, generated on premise at our LRS facilities.

Together we will work to combat climate change by normalizing sustainability best practices, reducing consumption, diverting material away from landfills, and working to improve our planet’s long-term viability.