LRS is among the nation’s leading privately-held waste diversion, recycling and portable services providers. An early pioneer of the circular or closed-loop operating model, LRS diverts and repurposes more discarded material away from landfills than any other comparable provider.

Since our formation in 2012, LRS has specialized in providing fully integrated waste diversion services for residents and businesses, developing innovation-driven recycling systems, and rapidly building one of the nation’s largest portable restroom lines of business.

We are proud to serve millions of customers across nine states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, Arkansas and Kansas; operating more than 60 facilities, and thriving on the passion and innovation of more than 2,000 full-time employees.

Diversified and growing exponentially, LRS also offers customers affordable roll-off container services, C&D recycling, municipal and commercial street sweeping, standard and luxury portable restroom units and trailers, on-site storage, and temporary fencing.

Through our safe and innovative approach to waste diversion, LRS preserves and sustains the beauty of the towns, neighborhoods and communities we serve.