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Residential Waste Management in Highland Park, IL

The City of Highland Park selected Lakeshore Recycling Systems as its exclusive waste and recycling hauler for all residential, commercial and multi-­family properties; a contract which began January 1, 2016.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems provides weekly and bi-weekly collection where customers can choose to do Street-side or Back Door Service on the designated service day. Customers have the option of volume-based service, subscription service once a week or subscription service twice a week. Whatever service option is selected, carts are serviced between the hours of 7a and 7p. Customers must have carts out by 7a on service day.

A $27.11 container exchange/delivery fee will apply to all residents requiring an additional or different container size.


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Creating a Recycling Impact in Highland Park

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is proud to service the nearly 30,000 residents who make up Highland Park. As the City’s sole waste and recycling hauler, Lakeshore Recycling Systems believes in finding innovative solutions that will create a better customer experience and protect the environment. Lakeshore Recycling Systems and Highland Park are one of the first partnerships in the Midwest to adopt innovative technology (RFID) and implement a compost program.

RFID Technology

In a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) program that started August 1, 2016, volume-based customers no longer have to buy stickers for curbside pickup. RFID technology allows Lakeshore Recycling Systems to track and bill residents without the cumbersome act of buying stickers. An RFID tag is embedded into the trash carts that track the number of times a garbage cart is collected each month. Customers will be billed accordingly.

Organics and Landscape Waste

Highland Park was one of the first cities in Illinois to offer curbside recycling of mixed organic waste (food scrap/landscape). This organics and landscape waste option is available from April 1 to December 15. Please refer to Lakeshore Recycling Systems’ compost flyer to see what is accepted in the program.

Bulk Items

Highland Park residents are permitted to dispose of one bulk item (up to 50 pounds) per pickup on the same day as service and must be placed by the curb. These items do not include white goods, electronics, items over 50 pounds (requiring two employees to lift safely) or construction debris. For these items, Lakeshore Recycling Systems asks customers to call the customer service line at 773.685.8811 or email

Carpet is considered construction debris and must be in rolls less than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter.  For proper carpet disposal, we ask that the customer calls the customer service line at 773.685.8811 to arrange for special pickup.

Extra Waste

Trash: Customers can place extra garbage on the side of the trash cart. Extra garbage must be bagged with a sticker. Stickers can be purchased at City Hall and a variety of retail outlets.

Recycling: Customers can place extra recyclables at street-side on the side of the recycling cart. All extra recyclables will be collected at no charge as long as it is less than 1 cubic yard and under 50 pounds.

Highland Park and the Environment

As the City’s exclusive waste hauler, Lakeshore Recycling Systems ensures that Highland Park, Illinois’ residents will receive exceptional service. Highland Park’s Rosewood and Park Avenue beaches are much more beautiful when they are not littered with trash. Our commitment to recycling allows us to create a greener place to live in Highland Park and the surrounding communities. By partnering with us and using our dumpsters, portable bathrooms, street sweepers, mulch, and on-site storage we guarantee your remodeling or construction project will be handled with the utmost professionalism. Our stellar reputation has been built around outstanding customer service, fair pricing, on-time deliveries and our unwavering commitment to the environment. Our nearby recycling and transfer center in Northbrook is just a short drive away.

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