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Residential Waste and Recycling Services

Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) provides Village of Lisle residents with services for refuse (garbage), recycling and yard waste.  LRS offers many other services for Lisle residents including electronic waste recycling and disposal, organic food scrap compost service, household hazardous waste, Annual Clean-Up Day, portable restrooms and large, open top construction style containers.  We are proud to be a partner in your community!

Recycling services are provided free of charge for Village of Lisle residents. We offer LRS carts which are available in different sizes for single family homes or townhomes with individual driveways.  Subscription cart programs are available for refuse and yard waste/organic food scraps. LRS also offers a convenient method to dispose of refuse as well as many other items using the Village of Lisle Refuse, Yard Waste/Organics sticker. Some items require more than one sticker such as appliances, large furniture items, electronic waste and household hazardous waste. The same sticker used for refuse and yard waste is also used for these items.

For more information on the required amount of stickers or scheduling collection for specific items or material types, please click on one of the tabs below.

Service Day and Time

Wednesday is the collection day for refuse (garbage), recycling and yard waste (in season). All items need to be placed out to the curb by 6AM.

Holiday Schedule

LRS recognizes 6 holidays every year. Service could be postponed by one day depending on when the holiday falls within the week. If the holiday falls on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, service will be postponed until Thursday. The holiday schedule can be found here.

Contact the LRS Customer Service Department

Purchase Village of Lisle Stickers Online

Purchase Village of Lisle Refuse/Yard Waste/Organics Stickers Online through the Village payment portal! There is no cost to the purchaser for the postage.

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Simply choose one-time payment
  3. Click on Refuse/Yard waste stickers
  4. Fill in the required information
  5. Once the transaction is completed, stickers will be mailed promptly

To learn more about other online services and payment options, visit:

Waste Collection

Refuse (Garbage Collection)

Village of Lisle residents may choose to use refuse stickers or the LRS subscription refuse (garbage) service.

Resident Owned Refuse (Garbage) Receptacles, Containers, Boxes, Plastic Bags or Individual Item Guide:

  • No item can weigh more than 50 pounds with waste materials placed inside. See bulky or large items for information on items weighing more than 50 pounds.
  • Resident owned containers may be metal or plastic with two handles and no larger than 35 gallons
  • Individual plastic garbage bags may be used so long as they are tightly closed
  • Cardboard boxes may be used so long it’s not raining or placed in a wet area
  • Large or odd-shaped items that do not fit inside a waste receptacle, not exceeding 50 pounds
  • Securely tied bundle of refuse or debris that does not exceed 18 inches in diameter, four (4) feet in length, and fifty (50) pounds in weight
  • Latex paint should be completely dried out (take the lids off and let it dry out completely) and add kitty litter or sawdust to absorb the rest, mark the lid DRY and put out with the regular garbage

Refuse (Garbage) Sticker Program

  • Individual receptacles, containers, plastic bags or boxes (disposable or reusable) or individual items of any kind, not exceeding 50 pounds, require one refuse (garbage) sticker each.
  • There are no limits to the amount we will collect so long as it is properly prepared and stickered.
  • Please note, the same sticker used for refuse (garbage) is also used for yard waste/organics, electronic waste and household hazardous waste
  • The sticker rate effective July 1, 2020 is $3.16 per sticker.

Lisle Sticker Program Purchase Locations

Lisle Locations

Other Locations

Please be sure to specify Village of Lisle garbage and yard-waste stickers when purchasing from these locations:


Jewel Food Stores 127 E. Ogden Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540 630-420-1818
1227 S. Naper Boulevard, Naperville, IL 60540 630-961-9050
30 Danada Square, Wheaton, IL 60187  630-668-1172
Douglas Ace Hardware 1212 S. Naper Boulevard, Naperville, IL 60540 630-983-0200
Butera Foods 1290 E. Chicago Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540 630-357-2000

Subscription Service (LRS Cart Program – No Stickers Required)

Subscription Services are optional for Village of Lisle residents. Residents who choose to use LRS subscription services will not have to purchase and use stickers to dispose of garbage that fits in the LRS cart(s) included with the subscription services.

Subscription services include the cart size of choice being a 35 gallon, 65-gallon or 95-gallon garbage cart and a recycling cart is included at no additional charge.

Yard waste/food scrap organic carts are also available in 65 or 95-gallon. Residents who use the LRS carts for refuse (garbage) and yard waste organics do not need to purchase stickers for the materials placed inside the carts.

Refuse (garbage) items exceeding the cart capacity may be placed out for collection (with no limits) so long as each item is properly prepared with a refuse (garbage) sticker. Customer-owned receptacles may be used as described in the preceding section, “Resident Owned Refuse (Garbage) Receptacles, Containers, Boxes, Plastic Bags or Individual Item Guide”.

* Refuse (garbage) Subscription Cart Service includes three LRS cart size options as follows:

  • 35-gallon cart ($20.12/month)
  • 65-gallon cart ($21.17/month)
  • 95-gallon cart ($25.16/month)

* Yard Waste and Organic (Food Scraps) Subscription Cart Service includes two cart size options as follows (rates are through June 30, 2022):

  • 65-gallon cart ($131.33/year)
  • 95-gallon cart ($157.59/year)

To order or learn more about LRS carts and subscription service, please call LRS at 630.581.8650 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Residents may also email requests to:


Click below to submit a request for a special household hazardous waste collection from your home.

2021 Lisle E-Waste Curbside Collection

  • Wednesday, May 5th
  • Wednesday, Jun. 2nd
  • Wednesday, July 8th
  • Wednesday, Aug. 4th
  • Wednesday, Sept. 1st 
  • Wednesday, Oct. 6th
  • Wednesday, Nov. 3rd
  • Wednesday, Dec. 1st
Recycling Service

Recycling Collection

LRS provides one cart for recycling at no charge for each household. Carts are available in 35, 65 and 95-gallon. Additional carts are available upon request. Contact LRS Customer Service for more information or with questions on recycling.

Residents are allowed to use their own containers ONLY if the recycle material exceeds the LRS cart capacity.

  • Please MARK the additional box or container used as RECYCLE so the driver can clearly see it. Plastic bags with recycling material cannot be accepted.
  • Please use a cardboard box or a container marked as recycle not to exceed 35 gallons or 50 pounds in weight.
Yard Waste & Organics

Yard Waste Collection / Organics and Food Scrap

Yard Waste Season

Yard waste season starts the third (3rd) full week of March through the second (2nd) full week of December, every year.

Yard Waste Sticker

Yard waste requires one sticker for each acceptable container, biodegradable landscape bag, or appropriately tied and secured bundle. The same sticker used for refuse (garbage), electronic waste and household hazardous waste may be used for yard waste. The sticker rate effective July 1, 2020 is $3.16 per sticker.

Residents who choose the LRS subscription program are not subject to use stickers. Please see, “Yard Waste Subscription Cart Program”

Acceptable Yard Waste Containers may be used as follows:

  • Metal or plastic marked with a “YW or Yard Waste”, have two handles, not exceed 50 pounds or 35 gallons.
  • Biodegradable paper landscape or yard waste bags, not to exceed 50 pounds or 35-gallon capacity
  • LRS carts (65 or 95-gallon) may be used for yard waste and organics (food scraps)

Yard Waste Subscription Cart Program

* Yard Waste and Organic (Food Scraps) Subscription Cart Service includes two cart size options as follows:

  • 65-gallon cart ($131.33/year)
  • 95-gallon cart ($157.59/year)

To order or learn more about LRS carts and subscription service benefits, please call LRS at 630.581.8650 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Residents may also email requests to:

Acceptable Yard Waste, Organics/Food Scrap Materials

Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, branches and brush under two inches in diameter, other yard and garden trimmings, vines, garden plants and flowers, weeds, tree droppings (pine cones, crabapples, etc.) and other similar organic waste materials accumulated as the result of the cultivation and maintenance of lawns, shrubbery, vines, trees and gardens. Sod, dirt, Christmas and other holiday trees, greenery from wreaths and garlands are not considered yard waste and need to be disposed of as refuse.

Organics/Food Scrap

Organics may be mixed into the yard waste and include bread, cereal, coffee grounds, dairy, egg shells, eggs, fruits, grain, pasta, shells, and vegetables. Please do not place any items not included in that list.

Community Clean Up Day

Village of Lisle Annual Clean-Up Day is Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Village of Lisle Annual Clean-up Day with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) will be on Saturday, October 2, 2021. Residents who participate in curbside collection programs (subscription cart service or the sticker program) will have the option of disposing of an unlimited amount of refuse and household debris by placing it curbside for pick up. The material must be prepared in the same manner as you would for any other collection day.

To participate, residents who do not have a subscription service with LRS must affix stickers to the first five items set out for disposal. Additional items placed out with the stickered items will be picked up without additional stickers needed or a charge. For those that have a subscription cart service with LRS, there are no stickers required to participate – simply set items out at the curb for collection. Items must be placed curbside no later than 6:00 a.m. for the Saturday Community Clean-Up Day to ensure collection.


  • Clean up day includes standard household refuse / garbage only. See below for items that will not be collected as part of the program.
  • Materials requiring special handling and equipment are not included.
  • All items must be placed to the curb by 6 a.m., Saturday morning, to ensure collection.
  • Sticker program participants will need to affix five (5) items with one sticker before placing items out for collection that will not require stickers.
  • Resident owned, 33-35 gallon or approved garbage containers are considered one (1) item.
  • Residents who have LRS Subscription Garbage/Refuse Carts Service are exempt from having to sticker 5 (five) items.
  • Mattress and box springs must be fully sealed in plastic. Bags are available at local hardware stores.
  • All bags must be tied and secured. Loose bags with holes will not be accepted.
  • Bags and personal containers must not exceed 35 gallons and weigh less than 50 pounds

Items Not Included/Not Accepted on Clean-Up Day

The following items will NOT be collected on Clean-up Day

  • Appliances
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste)
  • Building and/or Construction Materials
  • Railroad Ties
  • Yard Waste
  • Tires
  • Excessively heavy items requiring special handling or equipment (piano/organ)



Electronic Waste


Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is collected on first Wednesday of every month by LRS.

As part of the additional services offered by (LRS), residents can put out E-waste (electronics) to be recycled on the first Wednesday of the month, which will be picked up at the same day as refuse, recycling and yard waste.

What is considered E-Waste?

E-Waste includes (but is not limited to) computers, computer monitors, televisions, printers, keyboards, fax machines, videocassette recorders, portable digital music players, digital video disc players, video game consoles, computer mice, scanners, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, satellite receivers, digital video disc recorders, or small-scale servers.

Common E-Waste Items (Acceptable and Unacceptable)

Accepted Items

The following electronics will be accepted: cables, cable boxes, cameras, cash registers, cell phones, copiers, cords, DVD players, fax machines, keyboards, laptops, printers (and cartridges), projectors, radios, satellite dishes, stereos, typewriters, VCRs, video games.

The following household items will be accepted: blenders, bread makers, carpet sweepers, coffee makers, clocks, curling irons, electric knives, electric toothbrushes, fans, fryers, hair cutters, hair dryers, heaters, holiday lights, irons, landline phones, metal tools, mixers, remotes, shaving equipment, toaster ovens, and vacuum cleaners (without bags).

Items Not Accepted

The following items will not be accepted: large appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers), air conditioners, ballasts, bare CRT tubes, capacitors, dehumidifiers, household batteries (AA, AAA, D, C, Lithium), light bulbs, liquids, microwaves, salvaged units, smoke detectors, VHS cassette tapes and medical equipment (any material that is considered or has come in contact with biohazard or radioactive material).

Will there be a charge for E-Waste Curbside Collection?

The LRS E-Waste curbside collection program is a sticker-based program. The same sticker that is used for garbage and yard waste can also be used for E-Waste. The cost for handling E-Waste varies depending on the item. A different number of stickers will be required depending on how much E-Waste is placed at the curb. Please see the information below.

How many stickers are required for E-Waste?

  • 1 (One) sticker – one (1) small, E-Waste Item (such as a computer mouse or digital disc player)
  • 5 (Five) stickers – one (1) brown paper bag (small bundle) of E-Waste items (such as a keyboard, video cassette recorder or computer mouse)
  • 10 (Ten) stickers – one (1) TV or computer monitor

How will the collection driver know I have placed E-Waste out for collection?

Please keep E-Waste separated from regular garbage, recycling or yard waste. E-Waste items should be placed inside a clear plastic bag or paper bag clearly marked, ‘E-WASTE’. TVs and monitors should be placed on the opposite side of the driveway or at least 5 feet away from regular garbage, recycling or yard waste, and/or carts.

For questions on the LRS curbside E-Waste collection, please call 630.581.8650 or email

Bulk Items

Bulk or Large Items (excluding appliances)

Bulk or large items that do not fit inside an approved waste container or exceed 50 pounds in weight, usually consist of furniture such as couches, tables, chairs, desks, large toys and more. These items require a special pick up and 5 (five) refuse stickers. Mattresses and box springs, without exception, will need to be sufficiently wrapped in plastic in order to be collected.

Please contact LRS to notify when placing a bulk or large item or items to the curb.


Appliances or White Goods

White goods and appliances are large household items used to perform specific tasks. These materials are all recycled after they are collected. Materials collected as part of our white goods removal service include: refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, water heaters, etc.

These items require a special pick up and 10 (ten) refuse stickers.

Please contact LRS Customer Service and notify when placing an appliance or white good at the curb to ensure collection.  If sending by e-mail, please include your name, address and phone number.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection

LRS offers household hazardous waste collection from your home. This option is available for residents who reside in the Village of Lisle and for household materials only. HHW may be placed in a disposable box not to exceed 24” x 24” x 24” with 20 Village of Lisle Refuse, Yard Waste/Organic stickers on the box. LRS conducts four HHW collections per year in the Village of Lisle.

Requests for collection and further instruction may be found by entering your name and address in our HHW Web Portal.

Acceptable hazardous waste items include:

  • Oil Based Paints, Flammable Oils
  • Pesticides, Herbicides
  • Fertilizers, Aerosols
  • Household Cleaners/Chemicals (Acidic/Caustic Based)
  • Automotive Chemicals/Fluids
  • Bulbs
  • Non-alkaline batteries

Hazardous waste materials generated from a business or industrial business may not be collected under any circumstance. LRS may deny collection based on suspicion of waste generated by a business or industrial business. LRS may report this incident to the IEPA as we are unable to provide commercial or industrial hazardous waste service.

Construction Services

Large dumpsters with open top (construction style container)

LRS has expanded our temporary services division to create an easier customer experience for those using our services especially for the homeowner, whether a residential renovation project with a dumpster or home event needing a porta potty. These temporary services include portable restroom rental and dumpster roll-offs of all sizes to contain your construction debris.

Contact us today at 630.377.7000 to discover all the ways Lakeshore can make your waste removal even easier, no matter the project.

Special Pick-Ups

Special Pick-Ups (Excessive or Large Quantity/Moving/Clean Out)

LRS will provide special pick ups for residents who have excessive quantities of refuse (garbage) and do not want to use stickers. You may contact our customer service department and request an estimate.

Service Information

Billing and payments

LRS bills for subscription services on a quarterly basis with the exception of yard waste. Yard waste is billed in advance for the season and prorated for services started after the season begins.

LRS offers an auto-pay option for residents who choose to establish this method of payment. If you would like to elect for auto pay, you may do so by clicking here:

You will be asked to create a user name and password.

Residents may also call LRS and a representative can quickly add their method of payment over the phone and provide a confirmation email, as well. Please call 630-581-8650 for assistance.

The mailing address for payments from Lisle residents is:


PO BOX 554892

DETROIT, MI 48255-4892

Missed Pick Up

If any of the items placed out for collection on pick up day were not collected or tagged with a reason for being left behind, please contact our customer service department.


For more information, questions and to arrange for services, please call Lakeshore Recycling Systems Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at 630.581.8650 or email

Is this considered garbage?

Latex paint

Latex paint is considered regular garbage but it must be completely dried, with the lid off so the driver is able to see inside the can. Dry latex paint by leaving lid off or open and/or mix kitty litter until the paint is completely absorbed. Do not place out for collection until the paint is completely dry.  

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are considered regular garbage and should be thrown into the garbage. It is always recommended that tape be used on each end of the battery and placed into a plastic sandwich bag when disposing of them.

Want to learn more about Lakeshore Recycling Systems?

Holiday Service Update

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, services will be delayed the week of November 22. LRS will not be providing services on Thursday, November 25th, and the rest of the week will be delayed by one day after November 25th. Delayed services will include residential waste, recycling and yard waste. The normal service schedule will resume Monday, November 29th.

For more information regarding your specific service area, click here.

Thank you and have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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