Schaumburg: Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Collection Program

Hiwasse residents can now look forward to a comprehensive waste management experience with the integration of Orion Waste Solutions and LRS. Working under a growth mindset, our team of LRS industry specialists are always upgrading and evolving our selection of already-excellent waste management solutions, including schedule pickups, street sweeping, compactor solutions, diversion services, and more! LRS is prepared to help clients of all sizes, including businesses, cities, and entire states.


In addition to providing our clients with top-rated waste management services, we believe in leaving the planet healthier and cleaner than how we found it. As such, our services are designed to be eco-friendly and anti-pollution. Furthermore, we work flexibly to meet the particular needs of each client we serve. Our LRS clients are promised effective services completed in an efficient manner.


The only change the citizens of Hiwasse can anticipate will be a shift to using blue vehicles for our waste management projects. Additionally, we will be moving our services and customer support from the Orion Waste Solutions website to the LRS website. You will not only receive the same reputed services as before, but you will also benefit from the added sustainable solutions of LRS!