Schaumburg: Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Collection Program

Passionate about serving the residents of the Huntsville area to the best of our ability, Orion Waste Solutions and LRS are integrating to offer high-quality waste management services. From on-site storage and luxury portable restrooms to innovative recycling systems, timely scheduled pickup, and more, our LRS waste management specialists never disappoint. Businesses and communities working alongside our team enjoy thorough waste management deliverables.


As hands are joined between Orion Waste Solutions and LRS, the Huntsville area will benefit from sustainable waste management solutions that are designed to be eco-friendly and anti-pollutant. In addition, keeping your goals and satisfaction in mind, we are also pleased to offer solutions personalized to your specific needs.


With these upcoming changes, the residents of Huntsville can expect minimal changes to their waste management services, including a shift to blue service vehicles and the use of our new LRS website. We consider it an honor to be providing you with a five-star waste management experience!