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Highland Park: Waste, Recycling & Yard Waste/compost Collection Information

As of January 1, 2016, LRS has been Highland Park’s waste, recycling and yard waste/compost hauler for all residential, commercial and multi-family properties.

Residential Service Schedule


Primary Day (Once a Week)

Second Day (Twice a week)

 Southeast Quadrant



 Southwest Quadrant



 Northeast Quadrant



 Northwest Quadrant



Hours of Collection

The collection begins at 7:00 AM. Please have your materials ready in their appropriate locations at that time. For the sake of appearance, please put your materials out no earlier than 7:00 PM the evening before your scheduled pick-up. Note: Pick-up times will vary with routing changes or extreme weather conditions.

The “base fee” is a monthly fee on all property owners in Highland Park, regardless of whether services are active or not. The current monthly fee of $9.91 (raised every April), is part of the LRS contract with the city and allows for residents to select from multiple program options to best fit their needs. In addition, the base fee helps to cover the cost of refuse and recycling trucks on the street, service to communal properties and receptacles, and waste services at City-sponsored events.

Curbside RFID Volume-based Service:

35-gallon trash cart $2.63 per service + base fee $9.91

65-gallon trash cart $5.26 per service + base fee $9.91

95-gallon trash cart $7.89 per service + base fee $9.91

Backdoor Volume-based Service:35-gallon trash cart only$2.63 per service (sicker is required) + $36.16 per month ($26.25 backdoor charge + base fee $9.91)

Curbside Subscription Service:(1) 35g or 65g *trash cart + (1) 35g, 65g, or 95g recycle cart*Customer may choose a 95g trash cart for an additional premium fee of $5.80 per month

1x per week service $27.20 per month ($17.29 per month + base fee $9.91)

2x per week service $66.61 per month ($56.70 per month + base fee $9.91)

Backdoor Subscription Service:(1) 35g trash cart + (1) 35g or 65g recycle cart

1x per week service $52.16 per month ($42.25 backdoor charge + base fee $9.91)

2x per week service $98.57  per month ($88.66 backdoor charge + base fee $9.91)

Highland Park was one of the first cities in Illinois to offer curbside recycling of mixed organic waste (food scrap/landscape). This organics and landscape waste option is available in 2023, starting on April 1. There is no limit to the amount of material that may be placed out for collection provided it’s properly prepared and paid for in accordance with the program option selected. Each landscape waste bag or non-LRS container must have one Highland Park Waste Sticker affixed to it for collection. A subscription program is also annually offered at a flat annual rate, which includes delivery and use of an LRS specific organics cart and an unlimited amount of additional materials collected each week, on your regular day of service.

Here is some additional info:

-Personal containers must have two handles or a grip.

-Yard Waste/Organics/Food scraps must be placed inside the container and not exceed capacity.

-Non-LRS containers may not exceed 33-gallons or 50 pounds when full.

-Yard Waste bags are to be a minimum of 2-ply, biodegradable paper, not to exceed 30 gallons or 50 pounds when full.

-Yard Waste Brush Bundles or Limbs may not exceed 4 inches long, 18 inches in diameter, and may not contain limbs greater than 4 inches in diameter.

-Yard Waste Bundles must be tied with biodegradable twine or string.

-Stumps or root balls should be bagged and thrown into regular garbage. For extra-large stumps or root balls, contact LRS for a special collection, or a local landscape company.

-Christmas Tree Collection will occur every January at no charge curbside, until the 25th of the month. Trees longer than 6 feet must be cut in half. Trees also must be completely free of all decorations and may not be in plastic bags.


Beginning in August of 2023, all single-family residents will be receiving a 3rd LRS cart, specifically for disposal of yard waste and food scraps. This material will be collected by LRS and made into compost, a soil amendment. Food waste makes up over 20% of all material that winds up in landfills. Highland Park, and other like-minded communities will have immediate impacts on this percentage. By diverting yard waste and food scraps from the landfill, we not only preserve landfill space but also reduce emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

A new 32-gallon cart will be delivered to your house, curbside in late July. There’s no need to be home to receive the cart. You can begin putting the acceptable materials pictured below into this cart and place it at the curb for pick up on your first regular trash pick-up day in August. There is no sticker required on this cart.

Highland Park Residential Waste & Recycling

If you already have a 3rd cart for organics/food scraps from LRS, we will not deliver a new cart to you. Also, if you do not want the new cart for any reason, please visit the following link LRSrecycles.com/HighlandParkOrganics so that you can submit your information in order to not receive delivery. You can also call us at 844.NEED.LRS or email Service@LRSrecycles.com with any inquiries or requests.


Highland Park residents are permitted to dispose of one bulk item (up to 50 pounds) per pickup on the same day as service and must be placed by the curb. These items do not include white goods, electronics, items over 50 pounds (requiring two employees to lift safely) or construction debris. For these items, LRS asks customers to call the customer service line at 844-633-3577 or email Service@LRSrecycles.com.

Carpet is considered construction debris and must be in rolls less than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter.  For proper carpet disposal, we ask that the customer calls the customer service line at 844-633-3577 to arrange for a special pickup.

Trash: Customers can place extra garbage on the side of the trash cart. Extra garbage must be bagged with a sticker. Stickers can be purchased at City Hall and a variety of retail outlets.

Recycling: Customers can place extra recyclables at the street-side on the side of the recycling cart. All extra recyclables will be collected at no charge as long as it is less than 1 cubic yard and under 50 pounds.

Additional Carts: $3.41 per cart per month rental

Extra Waste: $2.63 sticker per 32-gallon bag

Bulk Items: $16.07 per yard – 2yd minimum (prescheduling is required if over 50 lbs in weight)

Appliances: $44.63 per appliance (prescheduling is required)

Construction Debris: $37.08 per yard (prescheduling is required)

Spring clean-up is offered year-round through LRS bulk item pickup service. Highland Park residents are permitted to dispose of one bulk item (up to 50 pounds) per pickup on the same day as service and must be placed by the curb.  The following items will not be collected during spring clean-up or the weekly bulk item collection: White goods, electronics, items over 50 pounds (requiring two employees to lift safely), or construction debris. Please contact us at 844-NEED-LRS or email Service@LRSrecycles.com for arranging pickup.

Carpet is considered construction debris and must be less than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter. For proper carpet disposal, please contact us to arrange for curbside service.

Mattresses that are placed out for removal should be wrapped and sealed.  Shrink-wrapping is optimal, but plastic bags that have been taped together is acceptable too.  This will help drivers avoid bed bug issues and/or mattresses difficult to lift due to soaking up rain or water.


2024 Spring Clean-Up Dates

If your collection is Monday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, March 30th

If your collection is Tuesday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 6th

If your collection is Thursday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 13th

If your collection is Friday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 20th


To keep City streets clean, please do not place material out for collection earlier than one week before the scheduled collection day. Items must be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 AM on collection day.

LRS will pick up all allowed oversized items that are placed at the curb during Spring Clean-Up. Only 1 cubic yard of construction material will be accepted. To discard waste from a do-it-yourself project, please make sure that the material is bundled so that one person can pick it up and place it in the truck. Carpeting must be rolled and should not exceed the weight that one person can carry. Waste material generated by general contractors will not be accepted.


Please note that LRS will not accept the following items:

White goods

Regular garbage

Yard waste

Debris generated by landscapers, tree trimmers, or contractors

Demolition material from fences, roofs, or exterior building debris

Rubber tires



Household hazardous materials such as paint, pesticides, or pool chemicals

LRS will collect one large electronic item under 50lbs (televisions, monitors, computers, speakers, etc.) or three small electronic waste items (phones, computer mice, radios, adding machines, etc.) on the first customer collection day of each month. Please contact us for information regarding large or small-sized electronic waste options.

As the City’s exclusive waste hauler, LRS ensures that Highland Park, Illinois’ residents will receive exceptional service. Highland Park’s Rosewood and Park Avenue beaches are much more beautiful when they are not littered with trash. Our commitment to recycling allows us to create a greener place to live in Highland Park and the surrounding communities. By partnering with us and using our dumpsters, portable bathrooms, street sweepers, mulch, and on-site storage we guarantee your remodeling or construction project will be handled with the utmost professionalism. Our stellar reputation has been built around outstanding customer service, fair pricing, on-time deliveries and our unwavering commitment to the environment. Our nearby recycling and transfer center in Northbrook is just a short drive away.

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