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The Village of Berkeley has received best-in-class refuse collection service from Roy Strom Refuse Removal services company family and staff for over 50 years! LRS is honored to have acquired the Strom Company and staff in December of 2020. Together, LRS and Strom offer Berkeley homes more convenient and sustainable services and at a new lower rate!

To print or save the new Berkeley Refuse Collection Program Brochure, click here!

  • Rates reduced over $70.00 per year for each home
  • Weekly recycling collection beginning on Thursday, July 14, 2022
  • One free bulk item collected weekly for no charge and no sticker required
  • Annual electronics home collection event with details in Electronics section below
  • Collection is now unlimited with no stickers required for garbage, recyclables and yard waste
  • Yard waste season extended through second pick-up in December
  • Each home will receive a new garbage and recycle cart for no additional charge in late August
  • Unused stickers refunded at Village Hall, 5819 Electric Avenue, through September 2, 2022

The Village program provides weekly collection of an unlimited amount of household garbage.  LRS provides one 95 or 65 gallon cart for garbage. Garbage must be contained in the LRS cart provided.

Additional LRS carts are available to lease. See Additional LRS Carts for Garbage & Recycle. Call or email LRS Customer Service if you need an LRS cart repaired or replaced.

You may use your own container(s) for excess garbage or recycle; however, it may be lifted using the automated cart lifting mechanism which may damage it. LRS recommends using LRS carts as they’re designed to work in conjunction with the LRS automated cart lifting mechanism. LRS does not replace, repair or pay for damages to resident-owned containers. Resident-owned containers must not exceed 33-gallons or 50 pounds when full, and must have two handles.

Beginning Thursday, July 14, 2022, recycling collection will be provided every week. The Village program provides collection of an unlimited amount of recyclables. Recycling must be placed out by 6 AM on pick-up day in the cart provided by LRS. Contact LRS to replace or repair damaged LRS recycle carts.

Rinse recyclables exposed to liquid or food and let them dry before placing in the recycle cart. The following list provides the basic group of accepted items and some examples.

To print or save a Recycle Guide, click here!

Christmas trees

  • LRS will provide a special collection of Christmas Trees during the month of January on the regular day of collection.
Yard waste season begins April 1st through the second pick-up in December. Yard waste is collected on the same day as garbage and recycling, and must be placed out by 6:00 AM on pick-up day. Yard waste includes grass, garden clippings, branch and tree trimmings, shrubbery and leaves. LRS will collect an unlimited amount of yard waste generated from your home.
  • Yard waste may be placed out in separate closed “Kraft” paper bags (no plastic bags)
  • Personal containers must be marked YARD WASTE, not to exceed 33-gallons or 50 LBS full
  • Yard waste bundles are not to exceed four (4) foot in length, with branches no greater than four (4) inches in diameter, and not weighing more than 50 pounds and tied with biodegradable twine
  • Christmas Trees will be collected for no charge during the month of January

BULK ITEM EXAMPLES | Mattresses, box springs, chairs, couches, children’s toys, grills and vacuum cleaners

  • LRS will collect one bulk item each week for no additional charge (no sticker required)
  • For health & safety, mattresses and box springs should be placed separately in plastic mattress covers which can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Walmart, storage facilities
APPLIANCE EXAMPLES | Washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and stove/oven, microwave
  • LRS will collect one appliance per week for no charge (washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator)
  • Appliances require special handling and are not picked up by the garbage or recycle driver
  • Call LRS 48 hours in advance before pick-up day for an appliance pick up at 844-633-3577

E-RECYCLING EXAMPLES |TV’s, Computers, VCR’s, DVD players, MP3 Player, cables, computer monitor Special electronics often referred to as E-Recycling or E-Waste require special handling.

    • LRS will provide a special annual home collection to include up to seven accepted e-waste items
    • LRS will send out information and post it on this webpage to include the home collection event date, accepted electronics and how  to submit a request

2024 E-Waste Collection: Thursday, April 18th

LRS offers additional garbage and recycle carts to least for $3.00 per month. Additional LRS cart requests must be submitted online before July 22, 2022 in order to be delivered before the end of the day on September 3, 2022. To request an additional cart after July 22, 2022, contact the Village at 708-449-8840.

Garbage, recycling and yard waste is collected on Thursday every week with the exception of weeks with holiday’s observed by LRS that will delay service by one day. All materials must be placed out for collection by 6:00 AM on collection day. Service times vary and may occur at any time on collection day.

LRS staff and crews observe 6 holiday’s. When the holiday falls on or before pick-up day, service will be delayed by one day. You may also log on to LRSrecycles.com to confirm if service will be delayed a few days before the holiday.


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Berkeley residents will be delivered new, blue LRS carts beginning August 22nd.

Roy strom carts will be removed after your service day as described in the new program brochure and new LRS program webpage at lrsrecycles.Com/berkeley.

Each home is scheduled to be delivered one (1) 95-gallon cart for garbage and one (1) 95-gallon cart for recyclables. Additional or smaller carts must be selected on this form.

If you currently have additional cart(s) for garbage or recyclables and choose to continue having an additional cart, the new rate is $3.00 per month and you will need to complete this form to receive them.

No action is required (do not complete form below) if:

  • You prefer the larger, 95-gallon carts for garbage and recyclables
  • You do not want or need additional carts

Action required (complete form below) if:

  • You prefer the smaller, 65-gallon cart sizes for garbage and/or recycle
  • You currently have or would like additional carts

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