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LRS Chicago Trash Hauler

Coronavirus Service Alert: Commercial Customer Update

We wanted to update you and your team on how we are handling the current COVID-19 virus situation, with respect to waste and recycling collection services.

The waste industry was provided an exemption for hours of service from the Federal government so that we can provide necessary services.  LRS is experiencing some driver shortages, but we are still providing scheduled services.  We continue to modify our contingency plans so that services can be maintained at a normal, or near-normal level.

The following are changes in our service or manner of collection that will change immediately.

  • Suspension of bulk item collection
    • No collection of mattresses, furniture, other large items to reduce risk of exposure to our drivers
  • Commingle of recycling material
    • Supply chain interruption as recycling mills deal with labor shortages and potential closures
    • Recycling facilities may shut down completely due to handling of material concerns
    • Recycling will still be collected and may continue to be collected by a separate vehicle, but it may not be processed as recycling due to recycling infrastructure issues

We are grateful for your understanding and patience during this unusual time.  We remain committed to providing you with necessary waste collection services.