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LRS’ Wisconsin-based company, Badgerland Disposal, Acquires Three Companies in Wisconsin

In the past month LRS’ Wisconsin-based company, Badgerland Disposal, announced the acquisition of three companies Choice Disposal, Supreme Disposal and Waste Cycle. These acquisitions expand Badgerland’s geographic service area further into southern Wisconsin and into the new territory of Milwaukee. With the acquisitions and the addition of the Milwaukee service area, Badgerland’s standing as southern Wisconsin’s leading independent waste diversion and recycling company is solidified.

Choice Disposal, acquired on July 21, is a longtime regional provider of residential and commercial waste and recycling services in Ixonia and affirms Badgerland’s position as southern Wisconsin’s leading independent waste and recycling services provider.

Supreme Disposal and Waste Cycle, acquired on August 11, are both Milwaukee-based commercial waste haulers. These acquisitions expand Badgerland’s market presence into the new service area of Milwaukee, to further supplement services offered in Madison.

The acquisition of Choice Disposal adds 12,000 subscription customers and 15 trucks to Badgerland’s fleet. The acquisitions of Supreme Disposal and Waste Cycle adds nearly 2,000 roll-off and commercial customers, over 800 containers and 30 trucks to Badgerland’s growing company.

“These acquisitions help Badgerland grow our foothold in southern Wisconsin and break into the Milwaukee market area to further complement the services we offer in Madison and southern Wisconsin,” said Badgerland’s Regional Vice President of Wisconsin, Dustin Reynolds. “Through the expansion of our geographic reach, Badgerland is able to provide local, environmentally responsible waste and recycling solutions to a larger market of customers in southern Wisconsin.”

In addition to customers, employees, containers and trucks Badgerland will also acquire the 22,000 square foot facilities in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa from Supreme Disposal to assist with future growth in the area.

“These three additions to the growing Badgerland family are all logical and strategic acquisitions for Badgerland that expands its service area and strengthens its presence in southern Wisconsin,” said LRS’ CEO Alan T. Handley. “With the addition of customers, employees, equipment and facilities from all three companies, Badgerland will be able to continue to provide the same exceptional quality of service to their customers and further expand our services in southern Wisconsin, especially in the Milwaukee area.”

To learn more about these recent acquisitions, read our press releases on Choice Disposal as well as Supreme Disposal and Waste Cycle.