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Many Chicagoland businesses are looking for ways to become more sustainable and boost their recycling rates. One way they can do that is through a waste audit. Performing a waste audit can give you a better idea about how your building's waste stream looks. A waste audit allows you to learn what kind of recyclable materials are in your waste stream. A typical building's waste stream has trash, recyclable cans and bottles, and even electronic waste that needs to be dealt with properly. Some businesses and municipalities might also have to deal with yard waste. A comprehensive waste audit can help you give your business a recycling/disposal plan to save money and time.

As more people focus on sustainability, more cities have embarked on their own ambitious waste reduction campaigns. Many cities in the United States have attempted to boost recycling rates, use less landfill space and become greener places to live. As your Chicagoland waste and recycling experts, Lakeshore Recycling Systems has decided to take a look at some waste reduction campaigns that many cities, including Chicago, have enforced in recent years. Here's a list of some of the most notable cities reducing waste.

If you're concerned about the environment, we're sure that you recycle and go out of your way to conserve resources. One of those most important resources is water, and there are actually many simple ways to reduce water usage in your home. Even small efforts can help you prevent gallons of water being wasted. With tips from Lakeshore Recycling Systems, you can have a greener home in no time.

Here at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, we've noticed that more industries are working on green initiatives lately. One of those industries is the hospitality sector, since hotels can create a lot of waste. Think of the tiny shampoo bottles and the water it takes to wash all the towels or clean the plates used to deliver room service. Think of how much energy it must take to keep a hotel at a comfortable temperature and accommodate every customer's electricity needs. Now more companies in the hospitality industry are working on ways to be more sustainable.

Spring is here in Chicago, which means it is also peak moving season. Of course, moving can be stressful. You need to pack up everything and bring it to a new place, which can also create a lot of waste. Most people don't think about going green when they're in the middle of a stressful move, but there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure that your move isn't overly wasteful. Here are some of the top tips from Lakeshore Recycling Systems for a more eco-friendly move.

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