Schaumburg: Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Collection Program

Conveniently, the Greenland area can now look forward to more comprehensive waste management solutions as Orion Waste Solutions is now integrating with the LRS team. Here at LRS, we concentrate on providing businesses, municipalities, cities, and states with quick and effective waste management services including, but not limited to, commercial street sweeping, scheduled pickups, and on-site storage and porta-potti deliverables, among many other valuable services.


Our LRS waste management specialists are passionate about offering solutions that are eco-friendly and anti-pollution. In addition, it is our pleasure to offer our community and business clients personalizable services to fit their unique needs and requirements. While working alongside LRS, you will receive services that expand beyond your expectations.


The Greenland residents can expect us to shift to using blue vehicles to complete our waste management projects. In addition, we will be moving our services from the Orion Waste Solutions website to the LRS website. In addition to the added expertise of LRS, you will continue receiving the same high-quality waste management services as before!