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America Recycles Day At Home

America Recycles Day happens annually on November 15. It is a national holiday, which started in 1994, that was created to encourage Americans to protect the environment and create a more sustainable planet. This year, there may be less sustainable activities we can all do to celebrate the holiday but there are still plenty of options for us to do our part to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Below outlines some activities we can do this year, even with the pandemic, to celebrate America Recycles Day.

Raise Awareness

Learning more about how to recycle properly and then sharing your knowledge with others is an easy way to celebrate America Recycles Day. Raising awareness on social media or with your friends and loved ones that you are in contact with is a great and safe way to still practice social distancing and recognize the holiday.

Recycle Properly

Learning more ways that you can recycle properly and how your household can recycle more often is another great way that you can participate in America Recycles Day. Utilize our recycle guide to learn what you can and cannot recycle in your Lakeshore carts.

Reduce Consumption

Finding ways to use less resources and reuse items more can help you become more sustainable and can be another easy way to celebrate America Recycles Day. Upcycling, reusing and repurposing items as well as simply consuming less are all great ways to do our part to help preserve the environment

Sustainability is Lakeshore’s mission and part of our core identity. Lakeshore encourages others to recycle as much as possible and we actually divert over 40% of material that would normally go to a landfill and recycle that material. This is why Lakeshore celebrates America Recycles Day every year to help raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

America Recycles Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all of our sustainability efforts and recycling habits to find more ways that we can make a difference, as well as celebrate the impact that we have done so far to preserve the planet. Spreading the word about America Recycles Day and recycling awareness is a crucial part of celebrating the holiday. When more people learn how to recycle properly, we all benefit from a healthier Earth.

For the week leading up to America Recycles Day, Lakeshore will be posting on our Facebook and Twitter social media accounts different ways that we can recycle more efficiently and properly to help celebrate America Recycles Day. These tips will include the hashtag #AmericaRecyclesDayAtHome to recognize that even though we all have to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can all still do our part to be sustainable and recycle more.